Breaking Ground in Pertussis Pipeline Market: DelveInsight’s 2023 Report Unveils Revolutionary Advances in FDA Approvals, Clinical Trials, Therapies, Mechanism of Action, and Route of Administration

Breaking Ground in Pertussis Pipeline Market: DelveInsight's 2023 Report Unveils Revolutionary Advances in FDA Approvals, Clinical Trials, Therapies, Mechanism of Action, and Route of Administration
Pertussis Pipeline

(Las Vegas, Nevada, United States) As per DelveInsight’s assessment, globally, Pertussis pipeline constitutes 15+ key companies continuously working towards developing 15+ Pertussis treatment therapies, analysis of Clinical Trials, Therapies, Mechanism of Action, Route of Administration, and Developments analyzes DelveInsight.


“Pertussis Pipeline Insight, 2023″ report by DelveInsight outlines comprehensive insights into the present clinical development scenario and growth prospects across the Pertussis Market.

The Pertussis Pipeline report embraces in-depth commercial and clinical assessment of the pipeline products from the pre-clinical developmental phase to the marketed phase. The report also covers a detailed description of the drug, including the mechanism of action of the drug, clinical studies, NDA approvals (if any), and product development activities comprising the technology, collaborations, mergers acquisition, funding, designations, and other product-related details.


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Some of the key takeaways from the Pertussis Pipeline Report:

  • Pertussis Companies across the globe are diligently working toward developing novel Pertussis treatment therapies with a considerable amount of success over the years. 
  • Pertussis companies working in the treatment market are Afimmune, MediciNova, Mariposa Health Limited, MedWell Laboratories, BioElectron Technology, CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical, Veralox Therapeutics, Qurient Therapeutics, PTC Therapeutics, ILiAD Biotechnologies and others, are developing therapies for the Pertussis treatment 
  • Emerging Pertussis therapies such as Epeleuton, Tipelukast, TA 270, MW 001, PTC 857, Baicalein, VLX 1005, BPZE1, Azithromycin, Research programme: 5-Pertussis Inhibitor (LOX Inhibitor), and others are expected to have a significant impact on the Pertussis market in the coming years. 
  • In Aug 2023, ILiAD Biotechnologies launched a Phase 2b challenge study that will investigate colonisation rates, immunologic response, and the safety of BPZE1 vaccination to potentially protect against colonising, virulent wild-type B. pertussis infection in healthy adults using a virulent challenge model. Consenting, eligible participants will receive a single dose of BPZE1 or placebo. 2-4 months later they will be challenged with B. pertussis and admitted to a challenge unit. Participants will remain in the challenge unit for a total of 17 days and 16 nights during which time they will be monitored closely. If a participant develops symptoms of pertussis (per investigator discretion), antibiotic (azithromycin) will be started and the participant will remain in the unit for 3 additional days of observation before discharge. If symptoms of pertussis do not develop, then participants will receive antibiotic (azithromycin) from Days 14-16 of the challenge unit stay. Participants will undergo safety follow-up for at least 6 months post-vaccination and at least 3 months post-challenge, for a total follow-up of 6-7 months.


Pertussis Overview

Pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough or “the cough of 100 days,” derives its name from the Latin term “pertussis,” which translates to “a violent cough.” This infectious disease first came to medical attention during the Paris epidemic of 1578. The causative organism, Bordetella pertussis, was not identified until 1906, and it wasn’t until the 1940s that a vaccine was developed to combat this ailment. Prior to the development of the pertussis vaccine, this disease posed a significant threat to infant health, leading to high rates of morbidity and mortality.

Bordetella, a gram-negative coccobacillus, is responsible for pertussis and has an affinity for adhering to ciliated respiratory epithelial cells. In response to this invasion, local inflammatory changes occur in the mucosal lining of the respiratory tract. Various toxins, including pertussis toxin, dermonecrotic toxin, adenylate cyclase toxin, and tracheal cytotoxin, are released by the bacterium. These toxins exert their effects both locally and systemically. It’s worth noting that while Bordetella pertussis causes these health issues, it rarely fully penetrates the respiratory tract and is almost never detected in blood cultures.


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Pertussis Route of Administration

Pertussis pipeline report provides the therapeutic assessment of the pipeline drugs by the Route of Administration. Products have been categorized under various ROAs, such as 

  • Intravenous
  • Oral


Pertussis Molecule Type

Pertussis Products have been categorized under various Molecule types, such as

  • Peptide
  • Protein
  • Propylene glycols
  • Cell Therapy


Pertussis Pipeline Therapeutics Assessment

  • Pertussis Assessment by Product Type
  • Pertussis By Stage and Product Type
  • Pertussis Assessment by Route of Administration
  • Pertussis By Stage and Route of Administration
  • Pertussis Assessment by Molecule Type
  • Pertussis by Stage and Molecule Type


DelveInsight’s Pertussis pipeline Report covers around 15+ products under different phases of clinical development like-

  • Late-stage products (Phase III)
  • Mid-stage products (Phase II)
  • Early-stage product (Phase I)
  • Pre-clinical and Discovery stage candidates
  • Discontinued & Inactive candidates
  • Route of Administration


Further Pertussis product details are provided in the report. Download the Pertussis pipeline report to learn more about the emerging Pertussis therapies-


Pertussis Pipeline Analysis:

The Pertussis pipeline report provides insights into 

  • The report provides detailed insights about companies that are developing therapies for the treatment of Pertussis with aggregate therapies developed by each company for the same.
  • It accesses the Different therapeutic candidates segmented into early-stage, mid-stage, and late-stage of development for Pertussis Treatment.
  • Pertussis key companies are involved in targeted therapeutics development with respective active and inactive (dormant or discontinued) projects.
  • Pertussis Drugs under development based on the stage of development, route of administration, target receptor, monotherapy or combination therapy, a different mechanism of action, and molecular type. 
  • Detailed analysis of collaborations (company-company collaborations and company-academia collaborations), licensing agreement and financing details for future advancement of the Pertussis market.


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Scope of Pertussis Pipeline Drug Insight    

  • Coverage: Global
  • Key Pertussis Companies: Afimmune, MediciNova, Mariposa Health Limited, MedWell Laboratories, BioElectron Technology, CSPC Ouyi Pharmaceutical, Veralox Therapeutics, Qurient Therapeutics, PTC Therapeutics and others.
  • Key Pertussis Therapies: Epeleuton, Tipelukast, TA 270, MW 001, PTC 857, Baicalein, VLX 1005, Research programme: 5-Pertussis Inhibitor (LOX Inhibitor), and others.
  • Pertussis Therapeutic Assessment: Pertussis current marketed and Pertussis emerging therapies
  • Pertussis Market Dynamics: Pertussis market drivers and Pertussis market barriers 


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Table of Contents

 1. Pertussis Report Introduction

2. Pertussis Executive Summary

3. Pertussis Overview

4. Pertussis- Analytical Perspective In-depth Commercial Assessment

5. Pertussis Pipeline Therapeutics

6. Pertussis Late Stage Products (Phase II/III)

7. Pertussis Mid Stage Products (Phase II)

8. Pertussis Early Stage Products (Phase I)

9. Pertussis Preclinical Stage Products

10. Pertussis Therapeutics Assessment

11. Pertussis Inactive Products

12. Company-University Collaborations (Licensing/Partnering) Analysis

13. Pertussis Companies

14. Pertussis Key Products

15. Pertussis Unmet Needs

16 . Pertussis Market Drivers and Barriers

17. Pertussis Future Perspectives and Conclusion

18. Pertussis Analyst Views

19. Appendix



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