Branding Specialist, Charmaine Mbatha Announces Successful Launch of His Grit Magazine

Charmaine Mbatha is a branding specialist who owns a Marketing, Branding & Business Growth company called Branding Fixers Global

The Grit Media, a division of Branding Fixers, has successfully launched an online version of their hit publication, His Grit Magazine

“His Grit Magazine is the publication men have been waiting for. We are growing up in a society that is increasingly bashing men. We have moved from celebrating good people, without gender discrimination. I created His Grit Magazine for man-to-man conversations. A safe space for men to voice their thoughts, ideas, point of views positively to build each other,” said Charmaine.

In 2018, The Grit Media launched Her Grit Magazine, a publication that celebrates, inspires and impacts women of all color, globally. Since then, the publication is attracting readers in over 57 countries online. With a feature from 4 continents on print.

His Grit Magazine not only focuses on man-to-man conversations but with Her Grit Magazine, aims to create a space where men and women are celebrated equally.

On the launch cover issue is Greg JC Granier, an award international speaker, speaker coach, film producer, and seduction coach. He is currently in Los Angeles on business but is originally from France.

Other features are from Africa, North America, and Europe. Charmaine Mbatha is a focused young serial entrepreneur and master brand creator who’s travelled the world. And does business with people from the UK, Austria, Belgium, USA, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Netherlands and just to name a few. Among those are her coach, JT Foxx, the world’s #1 wealth & business coach who’s trusted her with his brand massive brand, several times.

What’s next? His Grit Magazine will continue to grow and provide a voice, respect, dignity, and celebration that good people deserve. #NotAllMenAreBad

“We are trying to create a world where good men exist. And, it already exists, right in front of us. That is why we have His Grit Magazine, so show that to people all over the world,” says Charmaine Mbatha.

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