Brand Ultra seeks fundraising for getting back to the DeMurger family

Jean-Pierre DeMurger has started a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundme to save the DeMurger brand Ultra established by his grandfather Pierre, DeMurger more than 85 years ago. The business, named Demurger Group was then transferred to Jean-Pierre’s father and built a good name across the world with presence in more than 100 countries. However, later on Jean-Pierre had to leave this company in the hands of financial investors who ran the company into the ground in just ten years. 
The brand name will be auctioned in one month if Jean-Pierre isn’t able to gather €200k from the Gofundme campaign.

Jean-Pierre has all the qualifications to run his family business once the brand is returned to him. He has completed his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and served as a multitasker for his company, accomplishing the tasks of a Quality manager, industry and production manager, sales manager and even general manager. He founded Max technology while never gave up the hope to get back the company which he was seeing being thrashed to the grounds by investors.

Now he has finally turned to the fundraising platform to gather all the money that he needs to get his family brand back and progress it further. To ensure that the company runs profitably, he is planning to invite entrepreneurs to sell their own products under this brand and simply pay a particular amount of royalty to the company. The advantages of investing in the brand is that it has been in the market since 80 years, and known in 100 countries while gaining a great reputation.

With the profits generated from this brand he wishes to create a foundation for innovation that will conduct research into various other fields and to search brand names that have lapsed and rejuvenate them.

The funds raised from the campaign will be used to purchase the Ultra brand back from the investors and also to re-establish the well known face of the brand. The business will operate globally with offices in Asia, Europe and Africa, along with North and South America which will also generate several opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Arthur Investment SA
Contact Person: Jean-Pierre A DEMURGER
Phone: +41 76 587 81 49
Address:Rue Marc MORAND 8 CH 1920
Country: Switzerland