Branch Out Productions: Breaking Barriers and Achieving Success in a Short Span of Time


Branch Out Productions, founded in 2019, has quickly risen to prominence in the entertainment industry. This remarkable journey can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of its all-female, African-American founding team: Lisa Mathis, Lisa Oliver-King, and Andola Mathis. The trio has devoted themselves to promoting diversity and creating exciting content that appeals to a wide audience. In just a few years, Branch Out Productions has established a robust portfolio of projects and continues to defy expectations.

At the heart of Branch Out Productions lies the founders’ commitment to breaking down barriers faced by minorities and women in the entertainment industry. With a strong background in community work, the founders have expanded their reach by teaming up with Krista Suh, an Asian-American activist, writer-producer, and artist. Suh, who is currently the Executive Vice President of Development, brings her unique perspective and creative talents to the company.

With a focus on four-quardrant entertainment, Branch Out Productions has made it their mission to create and curate content for a mainstream audience, with the added depth of a culturally diverse team. Their projects span various genres, showcasing the company’s versatility and commitment to producing high-quality entertainment.

Some of their recent projects include:

  1. MIGHTY OAK: An emotionally charged drama featuring Raven Simone, Carlos Pena Vega, and Alexa Pena Vega, focusing on themes of loss, music, and the possibility of reincarnation.

2. RUN & GUN: A fast-paced action thriller set in the Salton Sea, starring Ben Milliken and featuring an impressive ensemble cast.

3. BLOCK PARTY: A heartwarming comedy about a young woman who puts her career on hold to help her grandmother and save the neighborhood’s beloved “Summer Sizzle” event.


Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Branch Out Productions has managed to produce three independent movies and secure distribution through Paramount Global. Their relentless determination has paved the way for future projects, such as the upcoming action thriller “Eminent Domain.”

Additionally, the company has collaborations with industry heavyweights like Reggie Hudlin, Chris Morgan, and Regina King’s production company, Royal Ties.

As Branch Out Productions continues to make waves in the industry, the company’s president of production highlights their ambition to find a long-term home for their projects. By partnering with talented producers like Marvin Towns and Gabriel Roth, there’s no doubt that Branch Out Productions is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

“Branch Out Productions has always been driven by the desire to create diverse, engaging content for a mainstream audience. We’re now actively seeking a long-term partnership with a streaming platform that shares our vision and commitment to inclusivity. We believe that joining forces with the right streaming partner will not only help us reach a wider audience but also solidify our position as a leading production company in the industry.” — Lisa Mathis, Co-founder of Branch Out Productions

Branch Out Productions’ meteoric rise in the entertainment industry is a testament to the vision, dedication, and talent of its founding team. As they continue to break barriers and create diverse, mainstream content, the company is set to become a powerhouse in the world of film and television. With a bright future ahead, Branch Out Productions is undoubtedly a name to watch.

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