Brad Cousino’s ‘Unwanted, Unworthy, UNSHACKLED’: A Journey from Trauma to Triumph

Brad Cousino, in his emotionally charged memoir “Unwanted, Unworthy, UNSHACKLED” offers a raw and compelling account of his harrowing journey from trauma and abuse to remarkable success, only to face another set of devastating challenges that tested his spirit.

The book chronicles Cousino’s tumultuous upbringing marked by 18 years of unimaginable physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. Desperate to escape his anguish, he embarked on an arduous path, working in the dark, filthy confines of underground sewers to finance his first college semester.

Determined to rewrite his story, Cousino pursued his passion for football, trying out as a non-scholarship “walk-on” at Miami University’s division one football team.  Overcoming insurmountable odds, Cousino was chosen as the defensive MVP in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) for two consecutive years, earning spots on multiple All-America teams, and even played in the NFL under the tutelage of iconic Hall of Fame coaches Paul Brown (Cincinnati Bengals) and Chuck Noll (Pittsburgh Steelers).

However, the pinnacle of his success turned into a devastating downfall in a single day, shattering all the accolades and triumphs Cousino had amassed over five years.  His memoir, “Unwanted, Unworthy, UNSHACKLED”, doesn’t end with his athletic achievements but dives into a gripping spiritual battle that resurfaces Cousino’s traumatic past, testing his faith, life, and future family in a ferocious struggle for his very being.

With “Unwanted, Unworthy, UNSHACKLED” Cousino offers a narrative that resonates with individuals navigating their own paths of overcoming adversity and facing personal trials. The book is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble in paperback, hardback and digital formats, consisting of 264 pages written in the English language.

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