Boyin and Ricoh together to bring a new shock to the printing industry

XC11-48TH is also a new model launched by Boyin Digital at this  ITMA exhibition. It also the first textile printing equipment equipped with Ricoh TH6310F printing head in China.

As a new printhead developed by Ricoh for the textile industry, the Ricoh TH6310F printhead uses MEMS technology to take product precision to the next level. In addition, the TH6310F also has an internal cycle design for longer life and more stable generation.

The XC11-48TH is equipped with 48 TH6310F printhead, with an accuracy of 600dpi and a printing speed of 510㎡/h, taking into account both efficiency and quality.

As a dark horse in the digital printing industry, Zhejiang Boyin Digital has won the trust of more and more customers and the recognition of the market with its leading technology, excellent product quality and thoughtful service. Its product line covers a variety of digital inkjet printing equipment and overall application solutions, which are widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, home, fashion and personalized design and other fields, and specially launched a variety of digital printing solutions for the market, such as pigment, reactive, acid and disperse.

It is expected that Boyin Digital will continue to lead the trend of digital printing in the future development and bring more innovation and change to the textile industry.

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