Boundless Dreams: Flora’s Adventure in ‘Flora Fleece’ by Bryan Anthony

Boundless Dreams: Flora's Adventure in 'Flora Fleece’ by Bryan Anthony

PORTUGAL – “Flora Fleece” penned by Bryan Anthony is an entertaining, and delightful book, about a young ewe that has an unexpected encounter with a wild stag. With his encouragement, she is determined to find a way to escape the confines of life in the flock, and explore the wilderness. 

The book explains to young children, as well as to adults of all ages, that animals, both domesticated and wild, can have feelings. Every animal can feel joyful, or hurt and distressed. This book will help us to comprehend how animals react when they are happy, hopeful, or sad.  

Flora Fleece was born on an icy morning in February, she has a unique fleece, the most immediate and obvious difference was the colour of her legs. While most sheep had black legs, Flora’s legs were covered in white wool. The other ewes find Flora’s unusual color as a bad omen, and even Mama Fleece thinks that Flora is just a freak of nature. Flora received displeasure from her parents, scolding her frequently, as she became more inquisitive and started to take stock of her surroundings. But the more she becomes curious about her nature, and her circle, she feels the whole world is going to bear down on her. 

After an unexpected encounter with a wild stag, Flora is exposed to a much bigger world, she is both hopeful and determined. The book is easy to understand for young ones. The author uses straightforward, easy-to-understand language, with rich, vibrant illustrations that bring each happy, contented, or frolicking animal to life on the page. 

“Flora Fleece” is a fun book, with valuable lessons, perfect for a bedtime read. A heart-warming book that will inspire readers, big and small, to have fun and be imaginative.  

“Flora Fleece”
By Bryan Anthony 

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About the Author 

Bryan Anthony was born in Bournemouth, England, in January 1953. After leaving school at the age of 16, he enlisted in the Royal Air Force. Bryan served as an aircraft technician, and later a Bomb Disposal Officer, for 38 years, retiring at the rank of Warrant Officer in 2007. During his career, he served on several NATO bases in Europe and abroad. After retiring from the strict structure of military life, Bryan started to explore his individuality. Serendipity led him to completely change direction, and, inspired by Australian aboriginal culture, he taught himself to paint dot art and play the didgeridoo. He has painted murals and sold paintings in several countries in Europe. With his newfound freedom, he converted a van into a camper, and traveled around Europe for several years, until he decided to settle in Portugal in 2015. Bryan’s passion now is for further travel, primarily on long-distance motorcycle adventures. 

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