Bossalatte Introduces New Mentorship Course, ‘Side Hustle and Succeed’ To Help Entrepreneurs Improve Credit and Scale Their Business

Get cheat codes for credit hacks that will lead to wealth and financial freedom

Financial Education Platform, Bossalatte has recently created a new course, ‘Side Hustle and Succeed’ to help entrepreneurs improve their credit and start off their business. The course contains cheat codes for aspiring business owners to hack credit, gain freedom and financial independence. The monthly educational course will teach everything about money including Income Generation, Passive Income, Insurance, Taxes, Credit and Credit Card Sequencing.

Founded by Kelsey Stowell, Bossalatte’s mission is to help budding entrepreneurs establish business credit and start businesses. Being a single mom who had a frustrating 9-5 job, Kelsey fully understands what it means to be stuck. She was however able to leave and achieve a rewarding life as an entrepreneur and as a mom who can spend time with her daughter.

With 11 years of experience in business and finance, she knows how difficult it can be to start a business. This is because she started her own small business; an online marketing company called Business Reps at age 22. Here, she quickly learned that starting a business is not easy without established credit history. This is why she founded Bossalatte; to help people get away from the strains and limitations of a 9-5 and help others scale their small business.

According to her, “It can be difficult for someone with no credit history or poor credit to get loans or lines of credit from traditional banks because they do not have any collateral. This often leaves them unable to grow their businesses and meet their full potential, which is why Bossalatte makes it possible for these underserved entrepreneurs to become qualified success stories.”

“We help aspiring business owners establish business credit and start businesses with our innovative, easy-to-use platform. Bossalatte was created to alleviate the difficulty of starting a small business when you don’t have any personal credit or collateral. Our mission is to equip people with the tools they need to live their best life — starting with building up their own credit so that they can move on to bigger things like opening their own business.”

Kelsey understands that some people get confused about the next step to take. She has therefore included in her course, some high-end side hustles that students can start immediately and turn into a full-time business and the truth behind how they actually work. In addition, ‘Side Hustle and Succeed’ will teach life hacks, travel hacks and credit hacks, investments, tips for buying houses and cars.

The program is a rich one stop program that contains general principles to help people get ahead in life. It is designed to help students shake off their past and failures and get charged up for the future with goals and actions plans.

Students can join the online community where entrepreneurs connect with mentors, grow their business and achieve success.

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