Bootsy Collins Partnering with, Launching His First NFT Collection – “Funk Not Fight”

Legendary funk and R&B bassist, singer, bandleader, and music producer Bootsy Collins has once again brought back the funk with his highly anticipated new single “Funk Not Fight.” Featuring rapper Baby Triggy and singer/rapper Fantaazma, the track is the first official release from the collaborative Funk Not Fight project, which was announced last fall to encourage emerging and superstar artists to champion anti-violence. To celebrate this important initiative, Bootsy has also launched his first-ever NFT collection, “FUNK NOT FIGHT,” on, the world’s largest NFT marketplace dedicated to supporting charities and NGOs while innovating the charity sector with blockchain technology.

Bootsy, a Grammy Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, is recognised by Rolling Stone Magazine as the fourth-greatest bassist of all time. In 2010, Bootsy and Patti Collins launched The Bootsy Collins Foundation, which is dedicated to inspiring, educating, and enriching the lives of people from all walks of life. The FUNK NOT FIGHT NFT collection is also dedicated to this noble cause. The collection’s vibrant colours are inspired by Bootsy’s iconic stage style and funky costumes, which have long been used to interpret his feelings about creative art. The collection aims to showcase Bootsy’s unique approach to music through NFT art, providing fans and collectors with a new way to engage with his creative vision while also supporting a worthy cause.

Bootsy Collins has long believed in the transformative power of music and has made it his mission to spread love, joy, and positivity through his art. As he says, “Use my voice to spread music and light to everyone.” Through his FUNK NOT FIGHT NFT collection, Bootsy is putting those words into action. By purchasing one of his NFTs, fans and collectors are directly contributing to the funding of the Bootsy Collins Foundation’s community-led projects, which aim to provide Funk Not Fight Safe Hub spaces for music, creative expression, and mental wellness globally. The Funk Not Fight project is a growing initiative that seeks to create opportunities in communities that encourage peace, creativity, and anti-violence.

Maxity has been established as the world’s first Web3 social impact protocol, with a mission to spread positive social impact and build a Symbiotic Metaverse to achieve the United Nations’ Global Goals and promote cosmic harmony. By partnering with the Bootsy Collins Foundation and supporting the Funk Not Fight project, we can work towards building a sense of community and connection that addresses the root causes of violence and conflict. By promoting love, hope, peace, and creativity, we can all Funk Not Fight and help make our world a better place to live, work, and play. Together, we will join hands to create a world that values harmony, inclusivity, and positivity.

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