Boosting Investor Confidence, Protecting The Environment, GnomeWorks Aeroponics Unveils New Technology

Boosting Investor Confidence, Protecting The Environment, GnomeWorks Aeroponics Unveils New Technology

Mar 4, 2020 – As the Cannabis industry battles with drain-to-waste feeding and costly indoor lightening systems, transplant labor, pesticide, and fungicide concerns, GnomeWorks is taking the lead as they launch a new proprietary technology, GnomeWorks Aeroponics. GnomeWorks Aeroponics will help reduce overall operational cost, thereby helping the company become more competitive as they deliver higher returns to their investors. 

The innovation-driven company, GnomeWorks Aeroponics, is raising $12MM CAD or $9MM the U.S. for the build-out and to complete the construction of Phase I of their new facility (already purchased) in Brighton, Ontario, Canada. $7.5MM will be used for the construction of their new facility, while the rest will be used for working capital and additional cash-on-hand.  

“At GnomeWorks Aeroponics, our goal is to deliver premium quality products using the least resources possible. We believe that corporate goals can be set as high as possible without sacrificing the environment or straining the company’s finances and human resources. We remain committed to supplying our customers with the best Cannabis quality in the market, even as we innovate our system. The adoption of Aeroponics means we are able to save on power, reduce carbon footprint, preserve the environment, and reduce exposure to pesticides or fungicides. Our investors can have more returns for their investments as we have been able to cut costs, and this has given us a solid financial projection going forward.” – Shawn Pahwa, Co-Founder  

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Strategically positioned to become the leading B2B producer and wholesaler of premium and sustainable craft cannabis, GnomeWorks is creating a new cannabis system. Through this new system, the company the will improve its ability to meet growing B2B customer demands for premium and sustainable craft cannabis, reduce cost, and protect the environment.                                               

About GnomeWorks Aeroponics 

GnomeWorks has a team with an excellent horticulture experience and emphasis on sustainability, and that has led them to the use of Aeroponics, which is an EU-GMP compliant hybrid greenhouse. As the call for environmental awareness grows, GnomeWorks Aeroponics is thinking ahead by developing a highly efficient Aeroponic irrigation system with capacity for large scale commercial production. 

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