Boosteroid announces the launch of their cloud service and one of the best ICO of 2018

Platform makes it possible to access high computing power at lowest price in the market

Ukraine – It can be frustrating and expensive using devices with limited computing power to process large files. What if there is a platform with the capacity to achieve high computing capability at an affordable cost? Boosteroid, a cloud services platform is proud to announce the launch of their personal computing capability available for everyone. The platform makes it possible for anyone to process video, play games, and create 3D graphics, which normally would have required high computing power, using low-performance devices. The company is also launching ICO BTR Token sales, which can be used to pay for the services.

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“We have worked hard many years to bring this idea into reality. At this stage, we are ready to roll and present this highly useful technology to a modern world that yearns for advancement in everything. With the BTR token sales, many people will be able to take part in this project and grow their investment. The token rate will increase because of large number of users and the limited number of released tokens,” said Ivan Shvaichenko is the CEO and founder of Boosteroid.

Boosteriod will provide everyone the opportunity to access high computing power using a device with low performance. Users can access computing power through their browser or desktop app, with a single account on mobile devices and PC. The platform will also allow users to choose the kind of program they want and launch them immediately, and the system will automatically select the right computing power to process it. All that is needed to work with Boosteroid is a stable connection to the high-speed internet.

The BRT Token sales is an opportunity for everyone to invest in the Boosteriod and yield high investment in the future. The token sales is already on and millions of dollars already raised. Those who have BTR token will be able to buy Boosteroid services with it or sell it at a higher price when the BTR token rate increases. ICO will end on February 15, 2018, and remainder of the 400 million tokens that have not been bought will be destroyed. Users will also be able to pay for Boosteroid services using BTC, ETH, and USD.

About Boosteriod
Boosteroid is a cloud services platform that provides access to computer power, software products, and storages. They offer high-speed computer power processing capacity, for low-performance devices, at a very affordable price. For more information, please contact, or visit

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