BOONS: Can Manufacturer be a Retailer? There is an answer.

You should be used to a regular way of getting a product you need, as well as to be aware of roles, currently existing in a shopping world of nowadays. The most common in the supply chain are distributors, wholesalers and retailers. The difference between them involves several factors, but can be described simply as a difference in the number of one product they have on hand.

First of all, manufacturers often have a connection with distributors. Distributors basically represent them and help manufacturers to meet their goals. Many distributors maintain exclusive buying agreements that limit the number of participants or enable distributors to cover a certain territory. The distributor becomes the manufacturer’s connecting link for several categories of prospective clients.

However, they don’t really sell the good they are assigned to. It is more of creating a path to a deal with wholesalers, who communicate with clients directly. So distributors basically manage the process of channels of distributions with often large quantity of the products, wholesalers draft a network of where directly the good will be sold, and finally retailers get the good into hands of the customer.

Is it possible to avoid all these connections, or at least change the flow?

BOONS, Best Of Online Sales, believes that yes. BOONS Marketplace runs a unique Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) Model, which caters for the needs of all the stakeholders. BOONS – ‘B2B2C Model’ creates an ecosystem that helps all the stakeholders to reach their business goals. BOONS Model was invented to disrupt the ecommerce ecosystem; a platform that accommodates transactions between manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers simultaneously on the same platform, at the same time.

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