Booler And Cooler Industries is Bringing a Game-Changing Revolution With Its All-New Juices

The All-New ‘Bompton Berry Booler’ & ‘Compton Cherry Cooler’ 100% Natural Juices Will be Launched This Spring & They Are Already Creating a Major Buzz

January 28, 2019 – Booler and Cooler Industries, LLC. has proudly announced that it is launching its sensational new concept juices for the food and drink industry worldwide this spring. The official launch of the company’s retail release for these juices is set for Spring 2019 and this concept was originally created back in 2014, but the company decided to drop it in early 2017. However, the company has recently revived the idea of introducing this game-changing two flavors of juices called Bompton Berry Booler and Compton Cherry Cooler.

Renowned American rapper Killer Mike stole the idea and the formula of these beverages and introduced them on his Netflix show Trigger Warning as ‘Crip Cola’. The rapper basically infringed into the IP of Booler and Cooler Industries and took the formula. However, this major robbery did not slow down the creators of these juices and they are determined to launch them anyway. 

“We are very excited to launch our concept juices worldwide and both of them are basically a 100% Natural Soft Drink Mix, that will reshape the way people get themselves refreshed.” Said, Edward Stephens, while talking about the two new juices of Booler and Cooler Industries. “These are not just juices because we are offering an entirely new concept with this major release this spring and we are welcoming everyone to become a part of this refreshing change this spring.” He added. According to Edward, his company has been building the brand over the last several years now and it has made several key accomplishments so far.

In addition, the company aims at using the latest technology, including e-commerce to enable its long-distance supporters in accessing its line of products. Moreover, Booler and Cooler will also be welcoming restaurants, juice dispensers and other vendors to feature its products on their menu and collectively grow with the rapidly emerging brand. Furthermore, the company is all about promoting peace, positivity, tolerance and acceptance in the community. Another amazing feature and the most remarkable one of both these new juices is that they are packed with a wide range of health benefits and will be beneficial for people combating cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, liver diseases and much more.

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