Book Films Media Announces the Release of Gripping Vampire Trilogy “Vampiro: Volume I, II, and III” by Don W. Hill M.D.

Book Films Media announces the release of the thrilling vampire trilogy “Vampiro: Volume I, II, and III” by acclaimed author Don W. Hill M.D., captivating readers with its suspenseful narrative.

Book Films Media is excited to announce the release of an enthralling vampire trilogy, “Vampiro: Volume I, II, and III,” written by acclaimed author Don W. Hill M.D. This captivating trilogy takes readers on a suspenseful journey into a small New Mexican community haunted by bloodthirsty ghouls and the struggle to survive.

Dr. Don W. Hill, a highly respected physician with over thirty years of medical practice, has penned his first work of fiction, showcasing his exceptional storytelling skills. With his unique blend of medical knowledge and creative imagination, Dr. Hill delivers a thrilling narrative that will captivate readers from beginning to end.

The “Vampiro” trilogy delves into the terrifying human vampirism outbreak every two decades in the narrow oasis of New Mexico’s lower Rio Grande Valley. Driven by an intricate oral tradition passed down for centuries, this small but tightly knit community, comprising First American, Hispanic, and Anglo residents, must confront the horrors lurking in their midst.

In “Vampiro: Volume I,” readers are introduced to the recurring nightmare that plagues the community. The unsuspecting and vulnerable members become prey to bloodthirsty ghouls. Dr. Hill skillfully weaves together the rich cultural tapestry of New Mexico, creating an immersive experience that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Continuing the saga in “Vampiro: Volume II,” Dr. Hill further explores the outbreak’s impact on the community. The oral tradition is reconfirmed, and the residents grapple with the terror that once again engulfs their lives. Dr. Hill’s intricate storytelling and vivid descriptions bring the characters and their struggles to life, leaving readers hungry for more.

In the final installment, “Vampiro: Volume III,” Dr. Hill takes readers on a thrilling and transformative journey. A Navajo teen’s discovery of an infected artifact leads to a series of events that challenge the boundaries of science, mythology, and human existence. As the narrative unfolds, Dr. Zachary Hawk, a Navajo scientist, faces a deadly malady and joins forces with a band of ruthless children afflicted with the same disease, plunging the community of Santa Sangre into chaos. Will they be able to escape the clutches of the government’s Night Crawler Protocol and find redemption in the face of unimaginable darkness?

“Vampiro: Volume I, II, and III” is a remarkable achievement by Don W. Hill, M.D., showcasing his ability to combine medical expertise with an electrifying fictional narrative. Dr. Hill’s exploration of the human condition, the struggle against evil forces, and the complex dynamics of a community under siege make this trilogy a must-read for fans of gripping supernatural tales.

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To order a copy of Vampiro: Volume I, II, and III, readers can visit the following Amazon product pages:

Vampiro Trilogy: Volume I: The Night Crawler Protocol

Vampiro: Volume II: The Obsidian Knife

Vampiro: Volume III: Brotherhood of the Bat

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