Bonamour Is Providing Clients an Opportunity for Rejuvenating Sleep With The Introduction of The New 2023 Bonamour Sleep System

The product is designed to serve as a sleep aid at night by inducing quicker and deeper sleep and while improving recovery and rejuvenation

Good sleep cannot be overemphasized. Sleep is a mechanism through which the body is able to rejuvenate its cells and prepare for the activities of the following day. Sleep has also been proven to radically improve cognitive function, attention span, and overall wellness.

Unfortunately, for up to 60% of American adults, sleep is a luxury they cannot obtain, as they are plagued by several sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea, amongst many others.

Bonamour Sleep Company is the company bringing relief to individuals suffering from subpar sleep and sleeping disorders.

Bonamour is the leading provider of brainwave entrainment sleep systems and sleep aid products that soothes its clients into sleeping better and longer. The company is pleased to announce the release of its latest invention, named the 2023 Bonamour Sleep System, that was developed using novel technologies in brainwave entrainment that are reputed for inducing deep sleep.

The 2023 Bonamour Sleep System comprises small sleep earbuds that can be connected to Bluetooth sound technology and an expanded Sleep Soundscapes Library with over forty (40) sleepscapes that rapidly induce deep sleep waves, while the range of binaural beats embedded in the system is designed to promote lower frequencies that cajole the brain to relax.

Furthermore, the Bonamour Sleep System earbuds come with noise cancellation features, a soft silicone that keeps the bud in the ear canal without causing pain, and an ear conforming design that ensures the buds do not fall out during sleep. The latest sleep system sound library possesses a section of color sounds, including tracks where brown and white noise tracks are embedded with binaural beats to help those who experience sleep challenges due to tinnitus. However, while the Bonamour Sleep System earbuds are designed for sleeping, its flexible structure and features make it a dependable companion for exercise, reading, spa appointments, or meditation.

Speaking on the recent launch, CEO of Bonamour Sleep Company, Jackson Smith, had this to say: “We are excited to continue to be the innovators in the niche space of brainwave entrainment and binaural beats designed for deeper, more restorative sleep. The new 2023 Bonamour Sleep System is our latest contribution in the space, and one that has already helped thousands of people get better sleep since its beta release in November.”

The product is currently available for sale through the Bonamour website and select U.S. retailers at this time.

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Since 2009, the Bonamour Sleep Company has remained at the forefront of developing innovative sleep solutions in the forms of sleep supplements, nutraceuticals, smart sleep masks, and various audio-enhanced sleep sound systems utilizing their proprietary Bellabeats Sound Technology.

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