Body Restoration has been Dedicated To Helping the People of St. Albert And Greater Edmonton Regain

For the past 25 years, Body Restoration has been dedicated to helping the people of St. Albert and Greater Edmonton regain and maintain their optimum health with the help of its professional staff and its growing therapy services.

Pain is the evidence that something is damaged in our body. In some cases, it doesn’t last, but when we are talking about a serious injury with long-lasting effects, it usually turns into a malignant shadow which accompanies us throughout the day if we don’t take proper care of it. Our first immediate response when in pain is to take pain relievers. However, by doing so, we are only masking the symptoms and not looking for a real solution. Seeking Physiotherapy may be a better solution. With this in mind, for people in the city of St. Albert, Body Restoration possesses an experienced team of multi-disciplinary health and wellness practitioners. They have cultivated a collaborative environment, providing their clients with benefits from their clinicians’ combined knowledge.

For those who don’t know about Body Restoration, they are an expanding series of clinics serving St Albert for over two decades. They have a wide range of services which specializes in physiotherapy after surgery, usually for athletes who are injured, or for regular 9-to-5 workers. Body Restoration’s therapy team is made up of skilled, highly qualified, compassionate therapists. They are there to help you get back to your feet in no time.

The success of Body Restoration is due in part to it’s unique approach to treatment. A statement from the CEO helps encapsulate their approach, “We will not only help you ease the pain, but, we also make you understand your pain; educating you the things you can do to prevent future risk. We also give individualized program for every client for maximum benefit”.

Since 1992, they have helped more than 12,000 individuals and the numbers continue to grow. Also, they constantly adapt to the latest trends by upgrading their services for their clients. Finally, most of their patients do not pay out-of-pocket for physical therapy, acupuncture and massage treatments.

About Body Restoration:

Body Restoration is a 25 years old rehabilitation company dedicated to helping the people of St Albert and Greater Edmonton to regain and maintain their optimum health. Their physiotherapy and healthcare team has over 40 years of combined experience helping patients reach their optimal health potential and live a life pain of free. Body Restoration uses practices that have been long used in the medical industry to even newer techniques like: vestibular rehabilitation, physio, acupuncture, radial shock wave therapy, among many others.

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