BOC Sciences Recently Diversifies Its ADCs Cytotoxin Products

On April 26, 2018, the leading chemical supplier BOC Sciences announced to further diversify its product lines by newly introducing hundreds of ADCs cytotoxins.

On April 26, 2018, the leading chemical supplier BOC Sciences announced to further diversify its product lines by newly introducing hundreds of ADCs cytotoxins, in the hope of facilitating researchers’ work in drug discovery and drug design both academically and industrially. Till now, more than 1, 000 cytotoxic molecules are ready for use. 

“T-cells use cytotoxins as chemical weapons to destroy infected cells. Once viruses get out these infected cells, more healthy cells will be infected and health is endangered. So cytotoxins can protect healthy cells in this sense. And different kinds of cytotoxins actually work in different ways. Some cytotoxins cause cells to die by making holes in the cell membrane, while others turn on a program inside the cell, making it to self-destructed,” says Mr. Barron Jones, the Marketing Executive of BOC Sciences.

When combined to a highly selective monoclonal antibody with a linker, cytotoxins form antibody drug conjugates, which are highly potent biopharmaceutical drugs specially designed as the targeted therapy for curing cancer. Currently two main categories of cytotoxins are commonly used in antibody-drug conjugates, namely, microtubule disrupting agents and DNA modifying agents.

“Early ADCs use drugs already approved for use like vinblastine and doxorubicin as small molecules, but problems like lack of potency and low clinical activities arise. Then a major advance in ADC technology came when researchers began to utilize some highly potent drugs such as calicheamicins, maytansinoids, auristatins, and CC1065 analogs,” further explained Mr. Jones.

Currently a wide range of bulk and speciality ADCs Cytotoxin inhibitors are available at BOC Sciences for the pharmaceutical, argochemical and biotechnology industries.

About Antibody Drug Conjugates

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) refer to an important class of highly potent biopharmaceutical drugs, specially designed as a targeted therapy for the treatment of cancer. ADCs are virtually complex molecules that are composed of an antibody linked to a biologically active cytotoxic payload or drug. ADC represents an innovative therapeutic application in the field of cancer chemotherapy. Unlike the conventional treatments which will also damage healthy tissues during dose escalation, it intends to target and kill exclusively the cancer cells and thus spares healthy cells.

About BOC Sciences

In the last two decade and more, BOC Sciences has long been a trust-worthy supplier for a wide collection of products including inhibitors, metabolites, natural compounds, stem cell molecules, etc. With the expansion of businesses, BOC Sciences continues to introduce more services and platforms like DNA encoded library for the purpose of accelerating the drug discovery process.

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