Boat Angel Family Films Announces New Book Series for China

Fountain Hills, Arizona – February 11, 2016 – Boat Angel Family Films is happy to announces the availability of the forty Tales of Donkey Ollie in Mandarin, a, fully illustrated book series by world renown artist Michael McKinney (Disney’s Lion King, Home on the Range) which has been adapted from the popular animated television series Adventures of Donkey Ollie a shows which is viewed weekly in over one hundred countries.

Donkey Ollie has recently been translated into Mandarin for all ages and has also been made into a YouTube video on the popular Boat Angel channel to view the Mandarin version on YouTube:

The project is also available for free downloads for those who wish to obtain the digital files in Mandarin.

“Now that Tales of Donkey Ollie has been translated into Mandarin we are confident that the hundreds of millions of persecuted Christians throughout China will have some great Sunday school materials for the many young people who have come to faith in Christ,” stated Author and Film writer Brian P Stewart (Adventures of Donkey Ollie Television Series, Sugar Baby, Federal Case, Inside Out, Kings Man, Artisse, Jake and the Giants). “I am grateful for the work of our series producers, artists, and animators and grateful for this wonderful translation. We hope that young Christians across China will soon to be able to read our Sunday School lessons in their own language. Our files are free to print and reprint no copyright fee is collected and no permissions need to be obtained. Our books can be printed for use in Sunday School and elementary schools or even as a nationwide curriculum. The files can also be accessed and used digitally on desktop computers, laptop computers, and mobile devices.”

The Tales of Donkey Ollie are wonderful lessons on the Ten Commandments, The Lord’s Prayer, The Many Miracles of Jesus and on Ten of the Names of God.  These teaching tools feature the international TV animated star Donkey Ollie (TBN Smile of a Child, DAYSTAR, CORNERSTONE, Australian Christian TV, Alma Vision, NRB, TCT) his brothers, Isa, Esau and Jeremy on their farm in Bethany, Israel where they live with Farmer John, Jehu, Elizabeth has well as  their Aunt Alana and Ollie’s best friend Rupert the Raven.

The Tales of Donkey Ollie are humorous Bible Lessons which give children a great exposure to the teaching of the Prophets and Christ while helping them learn concepts as simple as generosity, sharing, and kindness also teaching them respect for teaching, government authorities and parents and giving practical advice on how to live in our modern world by practicing age old concepts such as Honor your Father and Mother, Do Not Steal, Do Not Bear False Witness, they also teach childlike faith in God and steer our hearts towards respect for one’s fellow man.  Many of Tales of Donkey Ollie use humor  to help bring teach very serious subjects this helps young people to learn valuable lessons and concepts in the most creative way possible.

These Donkey Ollie tales in Mandarin are extremely captivating to young minds the visual graphics by Disney Artist Mike McKinney are exceptional and it is a great privilege to make them available free for the millions of children who live in country of China. It is a known fact that there are hundreds of millions of people interested in the Bible and the Christian religion that live in China. “We are also aware that children’s Sunday school materials are not freely or readily available. We are thankful to do our small part to share the same materials that have endeared themselves to children and their parents here in the United States and throughout the world. Donkey Ollie is truly an international phenomenon.  We are hoping to be able to make our Donkey Ollie app available in the many other languages. It is our desire that Donkey Ollie would be freely available so parents and children worldwide will be able to experience these books in their own languages.” 

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