Blurring the Lines: Fiorenzo Bernasconi’s Artistic Leap Through Specular Intersectionism

Blurring the Lines: Fiorenzo Bernasconi's Artistic Leap Through Specular Intersectionism
INTESEZIONI (Musica Presente Records) the new album by the composer Lorenzo Bernasconi
A Revolutionary Blend of Art Forms: Fiorenzo Bernasconi’s latest album, “Intersezioni,” (Musica Presente Records) showcases a unique fusion of poetry and music, transcending traditional artistic boundaries through his Specular Intersectionism method. This approach not only merges different artistic disciplines but also invites listeners to experience music and poetry as intertwined reflections of each other, offering a fresh perspective in the world of contemporary classical music.

In the constantly evolving world of contemporary classical music, innovative approaches that challenge traditional boundaries are rare treasures. Fiorenzo Bernasconi, a name synonymous with inventive prowess, presents his groundbreaking method, Specular Intersectionism, in the latest release from Musica Presente Records. This method, a sophisticated artistic approach, merges poetry and music into a reflective synergy, where each mirrors and enhances the other. 

Specular Intersectionism utilizes a unique system where musical notations from both Latin (Do, Re, Mi, etc.) and Anglo-Saxon (A, B, C, etc.) systems curiously form complete words not only in Italian but also in many other languages. Through these notes, words are constructed, forming the foundation of the music itself. This album, an artistic exploration divided into three distinct sections, showcases the depth and versatility of Bernasconi’s technique.

The first section features early Intersectionist recordings from 2015, setting the stage for the intricate layers of musical and poetic interplay that follow. The second section, titled “Reflections on Structures and Containers,” spans tracks from various years up to 2024, offering compositions like “Apeiron,” “Acre rea dea,” and “The Sick Fountain.” Each piece is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of Bernasconi’s artistic vision.

One of the most captivating pieces is the suite “Abracadabra,” performed by an ensemble of 11 Olivetti typewriters from Bernasconi’s own collection, complemented by a harp and a female voice. Each typewriter, distinct in its mechanical sound and acoustic quality, contributes a unique auditory texture, challenging the conventional perceptions of musical instruments.

The album concludes with pieces dedicated to Swiss composer Francesco Hoch on his eightieth birthday, reimagined specifically for this release. This section not only honors Hoch but also underscores the reflective nature of Bernasconi’s methodology, where past influences are woven into contemporary expressions.

Bernasconi’s interest in unconventional sound sources is not merely a novelty but a profound exploration of how music can be crafted from non-traditional materials. This approach draws a fascinating parallel between the typewriter’s mechanical noise and its simultaneous creation of written text, embodying the core concept of Intersectionism where music and words are inseparable and reflective.

Musica Presente Records, under the artistic direction of Renzo Cresti, continues to push the envelope with projects that defy homogenization, celebrating creativity in its most pure and sincere form. The label’s commitment to introducing new methods for composing poetry and music is evident in their promotion of Bernasconi’s work, a fresh and authentic offering to the world of classical music.

Fiorenzo Bernasconi’s journey—marked by invention and the ability to turn visionary ideas into reality—represents a significant chapter in the narrative of contemporary music. His collaborations, including the creation of the Bercandoneon with Stefano Caniato, highlight his relentless pursuit of innovation. The Specular Intersectionist method is not just a new way to experience music but a pioneering step towards a future where the boundaries between artistic disciplines are blurred, creating a holistic and immersive artistic experience.

“Intersezioni” (Musica Presente Records), the new album by Fiorenzo Bernasconi, will be available from May 4, 2024, on Spotify and all digital music platforms worldwide.


Composer and Lyricist: Fiorenzo Bernasconi

Co-composers: Donatella Soranzio, Luciano Susto, Stefano Caniato, Vito Maniscalco, Riccardo Battisti, Matteo Bestetti, Francesco Negrisolo, Vittorio Gianico

Music publisher: Magic&Unique Publishing

Record Label: Musica Presente Records

Artistic Director of Musica Presente Records: Renzo Cresti


– Alessia Caniato, Violin

– Alessandra Palazzo, Vocals

– Beatrice Formizzi, Flute

– Daniele Zecchini, Drums

– Donatella Soranzio, Vocals

– Enrico Caniato, Trumpet

– Enrico Del Prato, Bandoneon

– Fiorenzo Bernasconi, Typewriters, Toy Piano, Honky Tonk Piano, Piano, Bandoneon, Demolition Hammer

– Francesca Parrotta, Vocals

– Francesco Negrisolo, Music Box

– Irene Balbo, Vocals

– Lara Caniato, Harp, Oboe

– Luciano Susto, Electric Bass, Classical Guitar, Vocals

– Marco Zappa, Vocals

– Massimo Greco, Bouzouki

– Matteo Bestetti, Alto Sax

– Natalia Carpenco, Violin, Vocals

– Nicola Ruggieri, Vocals

– Riccardo Battisti, Vocals, Accordion

– Sofia Arras, Vocals

– Stefano Caniato, Piano, Bandoneon, Organ

– Vito Maniscalco, Vocals, Piano

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