Blue Ridge Highlights Importance of Voice of the Customer in Forbes Magazine

Blue Ridge Highlights Importance of Voice of the Customer in Forbes Magazine

Ed Rusch, Chief Marketing Officer at Blue Ridge, the leading platform blending supply chain planning and pricing solutions for resiliency, recently explored the science of demand planning and price optimization in Forbes Magazine. The article titled, “Focus on The Voice of The Customer, Not The Voice of the Vendor,” can be read here. Rusch is a member of the Forbes Communication Council. 

According to Rusch, “Companies waste hours of effort crafting and honing messages that are not speaking to people. And with that, key questions that your audiences are asking remains unanswered. I am confident that most campaign authorship efforts begin as very well-intentioned. Somewhere between kick-off and go-live, however, the well-intentioned Voice of the Customer (VoC) goal often gets corrupted. Instead, what comes across loud and clear in far too many communication efforts is voice of the vendor. In the end, no one is asking questions, and neither side is winning.” 

Rusch noted that rectifying this misalignment demands a meaningful shift in communication strategies among technology providers and their potential customers. He suggested capturing input from the customer.  Without them, the messages will miss their mark. He also highlighted the importance of acknowledging the people factor.  Communication that assumes a business buys technology from a provider is misguided. 

The central idea of listening and capturing the pain points, challenges, and psyche of potential customers is critical to bringing meaningful messages to the market. A buyer is on a journey. “Be their trusted guide and lead them down a path of wonder and self-discovery. Surface their biases. Be brave and challenge the preconceived notions that frame their lens of ‘the possible’ too tightly. Dare to disrupt their current framework and reimagine it,” added Rusch. 

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