Blue Artists Podcast Explores Social Media Strategies, Financial Health

Startups, young brands gain financial advice from experienced life coach

Social media strategies and the financial health of startups are up for discussion during the April “Build Your Difference” podcast that was recently released by Maryland-based creative agency, Blue Artists, LLC.

“Build Your Difference” is designed to help visionary people build distinguished brands that inspire and engage a growing audience. Each month’s podcast focuses on a different theme such as brand awareness, email marketing, self-publishing, videography, photography or website development. Segments include, news about Blue Artists’ clients and the agency, a feature segment and a Q & A with a Blue Artists producer.

The podcast opens with an overview of Social Media Action Plans, a free benefit for Blue Artist Plus members. Existing and new clients now have the option to have a plan created that provide an easy to understand roadmap and strategy for the development and execution of themes, tools, campaigns and posts for social media marketing.

The creation of a Social Media Action Plan begins with a 30-minute social media strategy consultation with an experienced Social Media Representative. The discussion covers the client’s current social media networks and strategy, their brand, target audience and goals going forward.

After the consultation, the Social Media Representative creates a Social Media Action Plan based on the ideas discussed and best practices for social media. Each Social Media Action Plan is personalized and unique based on the client’s brand. The basic components entail an overview of the current social media networks, goals going forward, a sample social media content calendar and a checklist.

Options for implementing the new social media strategy are also included. Clients can elect to implement the strategy themselves or select from one of Blue Artists Social Media Solutions: Social Media Content Marketing, Social Media Representative or Social Media Marketing.

More information about Blue Artists Social Media Action Plans and Social Media Solutions is available at

Dr. Wanda Carr joins the podcast for the feature segment and a discussion financial health for startups and fledgling brands.

Dr. Carr is an author, teacher, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and life coach. She is the owner of Helping Hands Consultant, a consulting firm located in Greenville, NC, specializing in mentoring and coaching services.

“The one thing an organization or individual should think about in regards finances and starting a business, is to really sit down and determine, ‘Is this really a hobby or is this a business?’ Sometimes we think certain services or products that we have are a business,” Dr. Carr says during the interview. “When you have something that you believe in… and you can see it giving you a return on an investment four to five years from now, start putting it on paper.”

During the interview, Dr. Carr provides a wealth of practical, no-nonsense advice on how to stay in compliance, manage business cash flow and establish good bookkeeping practices.

For the Q & A segment, Blue Artists producer Pierre Walters concludes the discussion on financial health by answering a question from a listener about the appropriate tools for managing personal and business finances.

The “Build Your Difference” podcast is designed to help visionary people build distinguished brands that inspire and engage a growing audience. It is available to Blue Artists’ clients and anyone interested in learning how to build their brand at

The podcast team includes Walters, podcast producer/host Desiree Moodie, content producer Sarah Miller, and host Jim Denison.

Blue Artists is a creative agency that believes strongly in the inspirational power of great stories. They aim to collaborate with amazing people to tell first-rate stories that can shape the future of their brand by inspiring their audience and themselves.

For more information on Blue Artists, visit or find them on Facebook at Blue Artists, LLC.

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