BlockLords: The Medieval MMO Grand Strategy Game Goes Multi-Chain with Polygon Integration

BlockLords: The Medieval MMO Grand Strategy Game Goes Multi-Chain with Polygon Integration

BLOCKLORDS, the medieval MMO grand strategy game from MetaKing Studios has partnered up with Polygon Labs to expand the reach of its medieval metaverse. The game has seen immense support from the industry’s top backers, BLOCKLORDS investors include Makers Fund, Square Enix, BITKRAFT and many more. The partnership aims to scale the game in a cost effective and scalable manner

BLOCKLORDS is an intense mediaeval empire strategy game, with an asymmetric player focused economy, which encourages wits and tactics to rise to the top. The game has over 250,000 registered players to date, and is a culmination of all the best bits of the worlds hardest hitting strategy games, such as Total War and Age of Empires.

BLOCKLORDS utilises the Play to Own model, in which players are their assets, and their traits and stats change as the game progresses, but more importantly, they own these experiences, which gives value to the time and effort they put into the game. This use of web3 tech is set to revolutionise the gaming world.

With the use of Polygon Labs tech, BLOCKLORDS will be able to further power the games unique in-game experience, in a cost effective and scalable way, without infringing on the security of the game

BLOCKLORDS CEO David Johansson added, “It is truly remarkable to see what the Polygon Labs team has been doing for mainstream adoption, and we are thrilled and lucky to have them on board as we move toward game launch later this year.”

Creator/Director David Johansson, a former Hollywood & free-to-play game director, envisioned the concept of BLOCKLORDS in 2017. Being one of the first to pioneer blockchain gaming entertainment, Johansson wanted to create a mediaeval metaverse combining the best features of iconic grand strategy games like Age of Empires (asymmetric civilization design through farming and resource development), Total War (epic battles) and Crusader Kings (dynasty simulation through political warfare and family politics), all woven into a sophisticated Game Of Thrones-esque narrative infused with Tarantino twist. Blockchain technology allows game players to own their own story in BLOCKLORDS with their hero characters, and to star or be featured in custom Hero content, such as the cinematic episodic TV series or BLOCKLORDS the movie. Check out some BLOCKLORDS gameplay!

​​Urvit Goel, the head of global business development of Polygon Labs, also offered this valuable comment. He stated that their team is delighted as MetaKing Studios has opted for Polygon to power them in their revolutionary AAA-level blockchain game. He added that BLOCKLORDS is a game that is unravelling the robustness and benefits of web3 gamers. Goel also stated that BLOCKLORDS, with the new found partnership,  has the capability to move stratospherically.

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