\’Black Kids White Mama\’ a comedy about interracial marriage ushers in new faces to Hollywood

Victoria Rowell and Ross Fleming are set to star in the film “Black Kids White Mama” which Sybil Barrett will direct. Rowell will play Fleming’s mother in a comedy about interracial marriage and divorce. Lily White (played by newcomer Ginger Clark) marries Aiden LaFree (Ross Fleming) a black medical doctor, and they have 3 kids.

All is well with the happy couple, they buy a lake front mansion and have race car driver neighbors. Then one day, Aiden decides he wants to divorce Lily to prove to the world that he is a “real brother”. Shenanigans ensue while Lily deals with the burden of saving her family from foreclosure, while navigating everyone’s opinion on how she should be raising her black kids.

The film will take the audience on an emotional roller coaster. The comedic spin on cultural stereotypes around race will provide a safe zone to start a conversation around some of the serious topics we are facing in the United States around race.

“Black Kids White Mama” is an independent film produced by Girl Power Productions scheduled to shoot in Charlotte, North Carolina in April of 2018. 

For more information, visit: www.girlpowerproductions.org

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