Black First – American Second Reveals the Life and Legend of Civil Rights Attorney Floyd Bixler McKissick, Sr.

“Black, first. American, second. That’s the order in which you discover who you are. And that’s the order in which it stays the rest of your life: Black, first. American, second.”
– Floyd McKissick, Sr.
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a limited docu-series investigates the surprising life of Floyd McKissick, Sr., founder of Soul City, North Carolina.

Black First – American Second, a new limited docu-series, is coming to audiences worldwide later next year. The four-part series will give viewers unprecedented access into the story of this monumental civil rights icon. Giving viewers a new look at McKissick’s life, Black First – American Second will include stories told through McKissick’s uncovered writings, television appearances, and interviews with those who knew him best.

Coming November 2021, episode one, Three-Fifths of a Man, willillustrate that McKissick’s words about racism, justice, and equality in 1960s America ring truer than ever in 2020. A man of conviction committed to destroying institutional racism, McKissick fought his lifelong battle in the court of law, through the written word, through non-violent protests, and by founding a city devoted to the principles of Black Power. 

A well-documented man, much of McKissick’s monumental life as a civil rights activist remains untold and unfamiliar to people around the world. Shining a powerful lens on his life and legacy, Black First – American Second revives McKissick’s story for a twenty-first-century audience. 

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