Black Coral Rum, announces its ongoing Treasure Hunt where loads of prizes are ready to be discovered

Palm Beach, Florida – 22 Feb, 2017 – Black Coral Rum, a traditional aged rum, and a hand-crafted distillery based in Palm Beach south Florida, announces its awesome and smooth collections of its black coral rums and its ongoing Treasure Hunt. Black Coral Rum is a family propelled distillery with the goal of giving the best in taste with natural ingredients to every consumer and helping the veterans in our neighborhood with $1 donation from every bottle sold.

Black Coral Rum, manned by Ben and Clint Etheridge, rolls out it treasure hunt adventure for South Florida divers, the maiden edition which contains The Black Coral Rum hidden in a chest in the ocean of South Florida and other prizes in thousands ready to be discovered.

The Treasure chest was first discovered even though it contained the floss and smooth Black Coral Rum, Flashback over a year ago, Black Coral Rum currently is dropping gifts certificate, prizes worth up to $80,000 into the ocean. The prizes are to be discovered by anyone participating in the treasure hunt, with the support of several local businesses. Black Coral Rum is set to put the hunt into reality, local business such as Pompano Dive Center, Tuppen’s Marine & Tackle in Lake Worth, Blackfin Rods in Stuart, Florida Scuba Charters, Pura Vida Dive Center in Singer Island and still counting.

Black Coral Rum believes we can all help our community and contribute to humanity in our little ways, that is why at Black Coral Rum, for every bottle sold, one dollar ($1) is donated to Operations 300. A Non-profit organization that helps to support the fallen service family members, who have served and built our community with sweat and grit and deserves our help when in need.

Black Coral Rum believe quality should come first rather than quantity, according to Ben Etheridge, Black Coral Rum CEO and Master Distiller “ We make rum with all natural ingredients, there is no artificial nonsense in our products whatsoever. It’s a different product than what most people are putting out.”  There are currently two varieties of their products in stock, the Black Coral White Rum and Black Coral Spiced rum, limited releases being unveiled as well soon.

Black Coral Rum is a company associated with excellence in line with their products and services. Lately, they bagged the double-gold medal for its white and spiced rum, during the 2016 Seattle international spirits Awards conference, as well as their best in the category at the ADI awards.

Soon, the winners will be unveiled, get set to take part in the ongoing Black Coral Rum Treasure hunt. Where divers will discover amazing loads of gifts certificates, cash, and other valuables to be dished out, a lifetime supply of Black Coral Rum can even be won, delivered at your doorstep weekly.

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