BJA Is A Provider Of Aluminum Doors In Bogor Indonesia, Bulk Order Will Get Cheap Prices

BJA Is A Provider Of Aluminum Doors In Bogor Indonesia, Bulk Order Will Get Cheap Prices

Everyone who wants to have a folding door or folding door from aluminum, of course, must first know the price. The reason is that if you already know the price of this aluminum folding door, you can certainly estimate how much budget you have to prepare and what the model of the product will be. If the product needed is bigger or wider, the price will automatically be more expensive. That’s why knowing the price is important in terms of planning and preparation. The price of this aluminum folding door will of course be influenced by several things. What is certain is the number of leaves in the product that is needed or desired. The more leaves in the aluminum folding door, the more expensive it will be because automatically more and more aluminum is needed, especially if the size of each leaf is large. Not only that, the price of this aluminum folding door can also be based on the color. Another thing to consider that will affect the price is the shop where the product was purchased. If you’re lucky, you can get aluminum folding doors at affordable prices at the right store.

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Well, before discussing further about the price of this aluminum folding door, first know more about the product. Usually this folding door is used as a room divider that will still maintain the beauty of the house and comfort. Usually this aluminum folding door will be used to separate the family room from the backyard or swimming pool. Well, as already mentioned, this product will have a number of leaves that will be folded based on the model. At least this aluminum folding door will have three leaves. In its use you do not need to open all the doors where one or two can also. For standard sizes in Indonesia, this door has a height of about 3 meters and the width of each leaf is a maximum of 90 cm. The calculation for the price of the aluminum folding door itself is usually based on cm so that from now on we can measure the door needs in these units.

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After understanding the aluminum folding door product, now is the time to discuss the price of the door. Generally, the price range for products that are black in color per 100 cm is Rp. 2,500,000. In addition, the price for folding doors for iron-rail aluminum shop houses is Rp. 1,100,000 per 100 cm. There is also a price range of Rp. 1,300,000 for a folding door iron garage with aluminum rails per 100 cm. In online stores you can also get these products with various price ranges for aluminum folding doors. For folding doors made of plain aluminum, the price starts from Rp. 1.4 million to Rp. 2.5 million. In addition, there are also those that cost more than that, namely those that are priced from Rp. 7,000,000 to Rp. 10,000,000 for one finished product.

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