BITSMO looking to connect the world using the blockchain technology.

Unique ICO and crypto exchange solution, BITSMO, aims to use the blockchain technology to connect the world with the launch of all-in-one digital currency platform and ICO of BITSMO coin

BITSMO is the first of its comprehensive digital currency solution that is aiming to leveraging the features of the blockchain technology to connect the world in an unprecedented manner. BITSMO has announced the launch of the initial coin offering of its digital currency – BITSMO coin, which is currently entering the second pre-sale phase, as well as the launch of its comprehensive digital currency exchange platform.

The blockchain technology and the concept of digital currency has grown in recent times, with businesses and individuals harnessing the immense benefits of the concept, which include providing an effective solution to many of the transaction issues faced by individuals and businesses. While the decentralization of digital currency is a major feature and advantage of the cryptocurrency space, the world of digital currency has also been faced by several challenges. BITSMO is consequently looking to provide a comprehensive solution to these problems with features that stand it out from other platforms in the digital currency space.

Some of the many problems faced in the digital currency space, which BITSMO is looking to correct include poor market liquidity, No Proper Regulation, Use of Fiat Funding, and Lack of Customer Relationship Management. Many digital currency platforms also face challenges when accepting new users as well as managing the safety of the platforms.

BISTMO is proposing a solution that will not only solve the problems mentioned above, but also take the use of digital currency to a whole new level. Some of the unique features of BITSMO include fully regulated exchange featuring KYC and AML processes, easy FIAT currency deposit and withdrawal, connectivity to multiple high-caliber exchange partners for liquidity, and a mobile-friendly interface and mobile app for easy accessibility.

The launch of the BITSMO coin, which is the accepted digital currency on the exchange, further reiterates the commitment of the platform to revolutionize the digital currency space. The initial coin offering of the BITSMO coin is scheduled to end on October 14, 2018, with a soft cap of 3 million USD and a hard cap of 20 million USD.

A total of 100 million BTSM will be sold during the ICO with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the acceptable currencies. The proceeds of the sales will be used for several purposes including Operation, Bitsmo Platform, Research and future development, Legal and Licensing, as well as Marketing & General.

More information about BITSMO, the platform and initial coin offering can be found on the website and whitepaper. BITSMO is also available across social media platforms including Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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BITSMO is a revolutionary concept that aims to connect the world using the blockchain technology, with the launch of an all-in-one platform that is reportedly 7 times faster than Binance, and a digital currency – BITSMO coin.

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