Bitcp’s Sponsorship of Basketball: Elevating the Exchange’s Brand to New Heights

US-based crypto exchange Bitcp Global is making headlines with its latest sponsorship deal with a major basketball event. This move is expected to boost the exchange’s brand exposure and capture a larger market share in the digital currency space.

Since its inception in 2018, Bitcp Global has garnered over 90,000 customers, with an average of 680,000 monthly website visits and a 24-hour transaction volume of over $82.9 million. With offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Bitcp’s user-friendly platform allows users to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies to earn revenue.

In a recent interview, Bitcp’s Co-founder and CEO, Divye said that “Bitcp is very proud of the partnerships we have built to elevate our brand.” He believes that the latest sponsorship deal will further embed and activate the brand within the sports industry, creating tremendous brand awareness among fans.

As the world’s fast growing cryptocurrency platform, Bitcp Global has built a reputation on a foundation of security, privacy, and compliance. Its goal is to promote the use of cryptocurrencies worldwide through its comprehensive range of services.

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