Biopolymers to Enjoy Increased Demand Until 2021 Owing to Expanding Commercial Base

High investment from the U.S., coupled with the rising adoption of eco-friendly applications and substitutes for traditional plastic together driving the biopolymers market.

Our everyday life utilizes a lot of plastic in disparate applications. Traditionally it was synthetic plastic, which found a huge platform; but with the advent of new technologies, bio based plastic has got the attention. With plethora of new applications coming up, bio plastics have made their foundations strong. The heightened prominence of biopolymers is primarily due to its degradable nature. Production of biopolymers is done in two ways- natural and synthetic.

Bio-plastics are conquering entire packaging sector right from a niche product in organic trade to premium packaging for branded goods.  Europe, with its growing concern for environmentally safe products and rapidly expanding commercial and industrial base is projected to witness the highest growth in the biopolymers market between 2016 and 2021.

Additional Growth Trends:

Biopolymers usage not only has very low emission of carbon dioxide but also reduces the dependence on fossil fuels. These are the eco-friendly features of this product giving a leverage over traditional throw-away plastics; thus having high demand from all over the world.

Some of the most common applications of bio plastics are bin liners and carrier disposable bags. Among all the applications, packaging is noted to be the most prominent one. Rigid plastic packaging find its use in products such as bottles and jars made from PET, which is the most extensively used resin. 

Overall, the biopolymers market is expected to be a profitable industry majorly owing to its natural, renewable and degradable nature, according to IndustryARC analysis. Being able to serve in many applications that too without causing any trouble or ill-effect to the environment will always be preferred thus driving the global biopolymers market.

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Industrial Application and Geographical Overview:

Applications of biopolymers in industries like Construction/Building, Food Industry, Agriculture, Electronics, Textiles/Fibers Industry, Cosmetics, Coatings, Pharmaceutical Industry and others are noted to be vast. The market research report analyses the market in various applications and covers the market demand with respective regions.

Geographically, North America is the most prominent region of the biopolymers market. European countries follow the lead in the industry with APAC and South America occupying the next positions. High standards of research and developments in the APAC and European countries shall draw immense scope for the industry in the future. The U.S. is noted to be the highest investing region in the industry.

Segmentation Outlook:

IndustryARC has analyzed the entire Biopolymers Market based on certain types and sub types which were derived on the basis of certain deciding factors like:

  1. By Type: PLA, Biodegradable Starch Blends, Biodegradable Polyester, Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), Bio Polyethylene (Bio-PE), Bio-Polyethylene Terephthalate (Bio-PET) and Others
  2. By Application: Rigid Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Textiles, Consumer Goods, Agriculture & Horticulture, Automotive and Others
  3. By Geography: Americas, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World

Brief Players Outline:

More than 40 industry vendors are considered for in-depth analysis in this research report by IndustryARC with few being:

  • Biogeneral Inc.
  • Metabolix Inc.
  • Aduro Biopolymers LP
  • Meredian Holdings Group, Inc

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