Biomass Ultima from Roberto Hroval and PatentReal Corporation: Efficient Energy Production Exceeds Expectations

PatentReal’s founder explained that Biomass Ultima highly differs from other biomass technologies. It’s a stable process with an energy efficiency of more than 85%, in a closed cycle that produces no waste.

If you’re not aware of “biomass” as a source of energy, you aren’t alone. But, you don’t have to know all the details to understand how this process uses plant material and other items to produce affordable power. You can still reap the benefits as well.

Roberto Hroval, founder and Chairman of PatentReal Corporation, explained, “We are quite familiar with today’s problems in the industry, the most-important decision being the selection of a good biomass technology. It’s not uncommon that many companies gather money, acquire land, all the licenses, only to find out they can’t start a project because the technology they were about to acquire was not as good as presented.”

He added, however, the PatentReal Company didn’t expect such a great interest.

Essential Difference

Biomass Ultima differs from other biomass technologies in that it’s a stable, completely green technology. It offers energy efficiency of more than 85%, in a closed cycle that produces no waste water, no ash, no stench. In short, there’s no added waste treatment and expense. Among the electricity, the plant automatically produces a by-product, high-quality organic carbon that can be reprocessed into active carbon for use in agriculture, waste management, medicine, the automotive industry, and many others.  

Due to exceeded expectations and overflow of inquiries, PatentReal Corporation decided to increase production of Biomass Ultima power plants in EU, specifically in eastern Europe and middle Europe.

“In eastern-central Europe, but also in South and Central America, there is a great potential in developing this kind of technology,” Hroval explained. “Which is why we started the project Biomass Ultima in Croatia. For the fast development of the region, the important facts are that the investment with 4.000 EUR/KW is favorable, and that each facility is protected with a bank guarantee for ‘profit lost’ up to 10 years.

“We are now in a phase of technology patenting, and in addition to that we are building the first factory facility for machinery production support, located in EU-Slovenia, because the investment claims are estimated to 700 million EUR for the next 12 years. That means more than 1,000 new ‘green’ workplaces and progressive regional development.”

Added Benefit

Another advantage of Biomass Ultima comes with selection of raw input material. It is especially important that even wooden scrap, bark, sawdust, and chipped wood in standard can be used as raw material. Most other technologies require somewhat processed wood, such as pellets, which makes the whole process much more expensive.

The production of electrical energy in this way, which significantly differs from others, is a triple-win: for nature, for the region, and for investors. The region will gain quality “green” workplaces and tax gains, and the investors will gain a much larger economic efficiency and the possibility of long-term development.

Roberto Hroval’s focus now is to “deliver power plants with reliable Biomass Ultima technology in a reasonable time. We are working hard on increasing production capacity.” The company currently has a list of more than 200 interested parties.

“Production of alternative energy is crucial signpost which shows how to make a local contribution to the global problem of ecological clean-energy production,” the PatentReal Corporation founder noted.

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