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Cape Coral, Florida, United States of America – Dec 1st, 2018 – MT Distribution announced today that it now offers a Kratom supplement (pictured left) as a part of its lineup of products to interested distribution companies and stores throughout the United States.

Kratom (mitragyna speciose), is an indigenous plant of Southeast Asia that has long been used by locals in countries such as Thailand as a part of the traditional lifestyle, either by using the plant’s dried leaves to create a tea or crushed into powdered form.

In recent years, as its popularity as a tea or in capsule form has grown, the herb has gone on to gain prominence in the West as a natural botanical product.

“Our products are the best in this industry; not only are we the only cGMP company in this market sector, but we also have an operation in Indonesia to source, pick, and process the best leaves from the best trees,” said Robert Waring, speaking for MT Distribution.

In addition to the high quality of the ingredients, rigorous testing processes ensure that MT Distribution’s Kratom supplements are free of potentially dangerous contaminants such as salmonella, E. coli, and arsenic – which have been discovered in products manufactured in the developing world.

This rigorous approach to product safety is joined by eye-catching branding and packaging, created by a leading graphic designer in the industry. Together with a competitive pricing point and the ability to handle orders of all sizes, MT Distribution’s Kratom supplement is ready to hit shelves across the United States – and keep those shelves stocked.

MT Distribution will be working exclusively to distribute its new product through Mr. Checkout, a national group of independent DSD (Direct Store Delivery) distributors throughout the United States and Canada to distribute its Kratom botanical product.

“We are delighted to be able to offer such a high quality product that falls well within the FDA’s stringent regulatory guidelines,” added Waring. “We have had no complications, such as product recalls, and are in complete compliance with their stated standards.”

Kratom is already used by around 5 million people in the United States for a variety of purposes. As its popularity has grown, regulatory attention has, too. MT Distribution’s status as the only cGMP company in this industry segment places it as the leading manufacturer of the herbal product, able to walk the tightrope between consumer demands and regulatory frameworks.

For more information about MT Distribution and its Kratom botanical products – or for general and media inquiries, please contact Robert Waring at 239-351-8837 or email

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MT Distribution is a cGMP distributor of safe and natural botanical products sourced from its own operation in Indonesia, where the company sources, processes, and manufactures supplements to the high standards required by the United States. For more information about MT Distribution and its products, please call 888-254-0924.

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