BingX Sponsored Debut of Taipei Blockchain Week 2022

BingX alongside many other Crypto projects co-sponsered debut of Taipei Blockchain week. Top officials like mayor-elect of Taipei, and digital industry development department of Taiwan were present at the event. Trending topics such as the progress of Cryptocurrency in the region were discussed. 

Despite recent issues of crypto world, the market is still growing. This is a clear sign that there is no lack of demand, just users being more careful with their investment choice. 

DAO is an abbreviation for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization.” This means that DAO can function without the need for a central authority or management structure, and can make decisions through the use of pre-defined rules encoded into its smart contracts. Because of this, DAO can be seen as a way to create a decentralized, transparent, and accountable organization that is not subject to the same limitations as traditional organizations. Noah Yeh, the convener of da0, also pointed out that the biggest challenge of DAO is maintaining the enthusiasm of the participants and the cohesion of the organization. Therefore, Dao tried to use different compensation plans to motivate members to contribute.

Popular DAO projects such as AAVE, MAKERDAO(MKR),MANA, face similar hurdles in their projects. 

2022 Taipei Blockchain WeekEvent time: 12/12/2022 ~ 17/12/2022 Venue: Breeze Art Center Songshan District, Taipei CityTicket Price: General ticket 150 USDC, VIP 400 USDC, student ticket 50 USDC

“Events like this bring the best out of everyone. It is exciting to have market leaders and officials together sharing ideas and current issues.” , said Elvisco Carrington, PR and Communications Director at BingX

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