Investors / Individuals–We Make The Loan / We Finance The Individual / Not Credit Based

Atlantic City, New Jersey – March 22, 2019 – Advanced Consulting, Inc. is looking to put a Hotel / Resort & Business School on its well-known Boardwalk. Advanced Consulting Inc will be providing 100 Million in-house financing, bypassing the banks while offering loans to individuals while making its lending decision based on the person not based on credit. With our own ability to finance our units we are able to turn each person into a business investor & owner creating a high level of value.

Lake said let’s look at the numbers, 27 Million Visitors A Year, Hotel Occupancy as high as 90%, Over A Billion Last Year invested on The Boardwalk, A New university (Stockton) Just opened Last Year On The Boardwalk, Oceans Resort & Hard Rock, Moody Has Increased The Credit Rating, Crime Down 44% Over The Last 2 Years, It’s The Best Investment In America.

The financial benefit of owning beach front property (On The Boardwalk) as an investment and a personal property is a no-brainer, especially when we are providing 100 Million In Financing.

We have 600 units, 1,500,000 Square Feet, 10 Restaurants, Retail Stores / Currently Ready To Go (Not Build).

To even the playing field we must first begin with the ability to open new doors that allow people to take part in this thing we call (The American Dream) They say no we say yes, it’s the largest African American Real Estate Project that is open for every ethnic group, diversity is very important.

Advanced Consulting Chief Executive Officer Gem Lake is calling on individuals / Investors to become an owner it will be a great business decision as we provide funding that has nothing to do with your credit or past mistakes.

Lake said, I have worked with the biggest executives in the world, they all have this in common, they move on a deal, most people don’t allow themselves the opportunity, many times they follow the crowd in Real Estate crowd funding or other ventures that are run by individuals who don’t have the expertise or the skill set to achieve goals on a larger scale, our current project is something you can see, touch and feel, its reality not what we are going to do, its what we are doing.

Lake feels by June of this year 2019, every investor / Owner will be able to walk into there unit and embrace what we have achieved.

Over the last 25 years Gem Lake has worked with Coca Cola, AT&T, Nabisco, Radisson Hotels, Pierre Cardin, Macy’s, Chrysler, Spirit Cruises, Bank of America, etc. Lake was a Top Executive Specializing In Finance & Housing Market Development going back to the late 90’s with Zaring Homes & other top companies transforming the North Carolina market with hundreds of Millions in sales through his work receiving every award and accreditation throughout the industry. He looks to bring that expertise by in-house funding one of the biggest real estate projects on the east coast.

Lake believes in the duality of good corporate citizenship he founded Alternatives To Incarceration (For Non Violent Offenders) Father Figure, Umoja Expo, Put A Chill on Violence, etc all back in the 90s, he has lectured at Rutgers university & NYU while being A Spokes-Person for The United States Government.

Atlantic City is incredible, this majority African American City, can be the most extraordinary resort destination in America, the country needs a new destination, give me the beach, boardwalk, incredible restaurants, the ocean, rides for the kids along with being close to New York, Philadelphia, DC, Maryland & Virginia we have something special.

Lake said, “It’s an opportunity for all  to invest in diversity while investing in themselves.”

We see to many people standing on the sidelines that have money to invest but have credit challenges, banks continue to deny the loan, they are put through so many discouraging steps that many just quit. We believe it starts with the ability to finance in house while building a new chapter in business email us today at or call 212 537 5816

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