Beyond Polaris: The Next Generation Of Space Opera Movie

Indiegogo Campaign for Sci-fi Animation Discovery Short Film

Log Angeles, California, USA – June 13th, 2017 – “They never seen the light of the sun, they never feel the wind on their skin; they never touch the grass on their hands… We call them The Children of the Stars! They were born on space and they never lived on planets…”

Beyond Polaris is an animated sci-fi short film which sets to show the world beyond; a planet filled with gravity and full of discoveries. It depicts the story of life in space and the “Children of the Stars” with a special and remarkable Serah Alec, a young girl.

The feature film, set and developed in 3D Animation required very powerful material to calculate 3D scenes modeling with quality background music to allow an acoustic environment close to an orchestral listening. Hardware such as graphics cards which are indispensable tools in the realization of an animated film were used to develop good environment and quality work.

With a full-time fledged passion to developing and promoting an animated space short film, the team has set a goal to developing the film further with quality materials and support. Also, work hard and ensure that the film gets on indie festival; with a third goal of making a long movie with real actors to bring to life the feature film. Thereby, setting up a campaign to pull in supporters, financially and investors filled with 100% passion and hard-work as they possess.

Indiegogo campaign is used as a platform to source for funds and support in order to realize the goals set out for this discovery feature film made out of passion and dedication. The team designed a huge background for “Beyond Polaris” and recommends people to go on the Polaris wiki to learn more about the project. They have also put in place consideration of rewards for supporters who aid in achieving this campaign. 

About Beyond Polaris

A movie development borne out of passion to create amazing and exceptional sci-fi movie set to put in the world in lots of future discoveries and imagination. For further information about Beyond Polaris, a Discord channel is set up for questions and enquiries.

Also, to support the team’s journey; kindly visit the Indiegogo campaign page and to watch and appreciate the first 5mins of the short film.

Please visit the website at:

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Company Name: StormZ Entertainment
Contact Person: Serah
City: Log Angeles
State: California
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