Better Printing Introduces Innovative and Attractive Combination A4 Folder-Brochures

Better Printing has been around for a long time – more than 30 years, in fact – but it continues to uphold its high standard of service, and it has moved with the times with its highly-advanced printing equipment as well. Today, Better Printing adds to its host of products with an innovative, novel, and genuinely useful combination A4 folder and brochure.

UNITED KINGDOM – There are many printed products which a company like Better Printing can produce for its customers, and these products and printed material include posters, roller banners, flyers, leaflets, brochures, booklets, exhibition displays, outdoor printed material, business stationery, and more. Better Printing also produces speciality printed materials such as Christmas cards, greeting cards, calendars, stickers, prints which are specific to various industries, canvas prints, health and safety signs, and a whole lot more.

But another reason why Better Printing stands out from most other printing companies out there is its service. The service offered by Better Printing is quick and fast, and it takes pride in its turnaround time. Additionally, Better Printing offers quick quotes online, and it even has a special log-in area for members.

Aside from this, Better Printing strives to make its service even better by coming up with innovative printing solutions. One such printing solution which is now available is the innovative and attractive (and practical) A4 folder and brochure. The A4 folder and brochure from Better Printing combine a sturdy and long-lasting A4 folder with a complete brochure stitched into the folder.

Better Printing describes the product in more specific detail: “Do you want the slick, professional feel of a printed presentation folder but need more space to get your message across? Then we have a (truly) great product for you! The folder brochure combines our high-quality, sturdy folders with a stitched-in brochure. So you get all the features of a first-class promotional brochure with the added protection of a folder; creating an entire marketing package in one.”

Better Printing adds, “Leave your folder pockets available for last-minute materials and additional storage and fill your brochures with all the high-res images and information you want.” The combination A4 folder and brochure is printed on premium silk (350gsm), and the inside pages are printed on 150gsm silk. A standard folder and brochure have four pages, but customers can ask for more pages if they so require.

About the company:

Better Printing makes it a point to provide all of its clients with the best quality printing service they can find online. With its fast turnaround and high-quality printing equipment as well as affordable service, Better Printing stands true to this promise. For those who want to view the A4 presentation folder selection as well as other print products, visit the Better Printing site.

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