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What is Instagram, anyway? It’s a hip and trendy social media app that has been gaining traction for the past few years. It’s like Facebook, only less cluttered and puts a greater emphasis on sharing mobile photos and videos. (Facebook owns Instagram, which it got through acquisition a few years ago.) Users can posts photos and videos, and these become part of their news feed. Instagram is all about gorgeous or “instagrammable” photos and videos.

Like any social media app, the social networking element is a characteristic component. Users follow other accounts – meaning, they get direct updates of the news feeds of the accounts they follow – and account holders can also have their own followers. Users can comment on posts and create another layer of connections through “mentions” or name-tagging other users, and “hashtags” or word themes. The more followers an account has, the more influential that user is.

How does Instagram (or “Insta,” “Gram,” or more commonly nicknamed “IG”) compare with other social networking apps? In just 10 years, Instagram has reached a billion active monthly users and ranks third in the world (IG’s parent company, Facebook still ranks first with 2.23 billion users, while Google’s video-sharing service, YouTube, ranks second with 1.9 billion users).

Here are other notable Instagram statistics as of 2020: Half a billion people use Instagram Stories every day. Sixty-three percent of Instagram users log in at least once a day and each IG user spends almost half an hour on the platform daily. There’s a relatively even mix of gender in IG – 52% female and 48% male. Around 200 million IG users visit at least one business profile daily.

A third of the most viewed Stories on Instagram are from business profiles. Three-quarters of all US businesses will use Instagram in 2020. Brands post an average of 2.5 Stories every week and Instagram’s potential advertising reach is estimated at more than 849 million users.

Businesses have a lot of opportunities to market themselves on Instagram. If you’re a new business or a small business who wants to gain a foothold in the fastest growing social network, it’s best to get professional help in developing an Instagram business profile and an overall Instagram marketing strategy to fully take advantage of the opportunities Instagram has to offer. Fortunately, there’s a knowledge provider who has just the thing and that provider is BestLifeHelper.

BestLifeHelper offers a one-of-a-kind self-development course on getting very fluent in Instagram marketing. The course’s name is Instagram Marketing Right Now, and it promises quick and practical upskilling and a faster return on marketing investment.

BestLifeHelper’s Instagram Marketing Right Now course teaches everything a business needs to know to masterfully market on Instagram. For example, Instagram’s success can be mostly attributed to its strong emphasis on visuals and so there is a tendency for marketers to put product offerings front and center, especially if the product is visually appealing.

But one of the best marketing practices is not to sell a product or service; instead, sell a solution to a problem, a lifestyle, or an experience. This is one important distinction that BestLifeHelper‘s Instagram Marketing Right Now course teaches and shows how it can be done.

Other pointers from BestLifeHelper‘s Instagram Marketing Right Now course includes how to create a winning business profile. The course teaches how to properly use hashtags to expand reach. It also shows how to collaborate with other users and strengthen connections with mentions. BestLifeHelper’s Instagram Marketing Right Now course can teach everything needed to create a compelling and effective Instagram marketing campaign.

Finally, BestLifeHelper‘s Instagram Marketing Right Now will show that Instagram is – at its core – a very effective application of information technology. This means social connections and transactions can be quantified and studied. All the data can be used to further improve business processes, whether it’s for the marketing of products and services, customer engagement or internal processes and so on. There’s much to be learned from marketing on Instagram and BestLifeHelper arms businesses with the best self-development program to achieve Instagram success.

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