Best Repairing Services in Town Mobile Repair Shop Adelaide is a cell phone, smartphones, iPhones, iPad, Tablets and Laptop Repairing services in Adelaide South Australia with affordable prices. We are a MOBILE REPAIR SHOP PTY LTD. We are a registered company under the Corporations Act 2001 and is taken to be registered in South Australia.

MOBILE REPAIR SHOP PTY LTD is a repair shop that specializes in mobile care. Its aim and promise are always aimed at customer satisfaction in terms of all mobile device repair. This is in devices like PC, laptop, tablet, iPad, and smartphones. Unlike other repair shops, it promises to handle any mobile make or model.

That is either Samsung, iPad, and iPhone which are among the challenging brands to repair. In place is a website that is a way to facilitate better service delivery and communication. The mobile repair shop is said to be only staffed with skilled and trained staff. Apart from that, they have in place exclusive features as noted;

  • The device picks up and Drop off service – This feature has never been seen in any repair shop. This service is in place to accommodate a client’s busy schedule. Mobile repair shop staff says they can always deliver a repaired device to a chosen location.
  • 6 Months warranty – This policy is quite an impressive one. We found out they offer a free repair on any issues that will arise on a previously fixed problem within the 6 months duration. This feature is not yet available with any other repair shop.
  • Convenient charges – Mobile repair shop have in place their customized services that would lower the fees. They do this by only charging on specific repairs.

A conversation with a repair staff “I enjoy working at the mobile repair shop for these two reasons. The first is the availability of the latest repair technology. This sets our pace in repairs. The second is the availability of original parts. I feel happy when clients leave the shop satisfied.”

The mobile repair shop is in place to change the story of unreliable and bad customer experience to a reliable and convenient experience. This is an aim and a promise they have for their clients. They promise to fix your mobile issues back to the original state.


The mobile repair shop is a repair shop that handles your mobile repairs in Adelaide. This is made possible by providing a policy that offers you convenience and satisfaction. There is also a website in place that is meant to make your repair experience much easier.

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Company Name: Mobile Repair Shop
Contact Person: Irfan
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Phone: +61 420 607 643
Address:344-A Magill Road, Kensington Park
City: Adelaide
State: SA, 5068
Country: Australia