Best Mini PCs for Photoshop and Graphic Designing 2017-2018 introduced by Mini PC News, with Top Small Computers for Photoshop

Recently, Mini PC News has made a review about Best Mini PC for Photoshop and Graphic Designing 2017-2018. The comparison can help people know more before they want to buy hot small computers for Photoshop. Check here:

“Our computer experts will assist you in finding best mini PC for photoshop and graphic designing. You simply cannot use any mini PC for photoshop because there are certain specifications that ought to be there for good user experience. An ideal best mini PC for photoshop should have good storage, powerful processor and ample memory. Let us explain these one by one.” John from Mini PC News says. “Unless you are also planning to do heavy duty gaming on mini PC or video editing which require dedicated GPU, integrated graphics would do just fine.”

Here are the best mini PCs for Photoshop and graphic designing.

NO. 1
HYSTOU FMP03B – i5 – 7200U Mini PC Intel Core i5-7200U

HYSTOU FMP03B (check: HYSTOU FMP03B review,  HYSTOU FMP03B – i3 – 7100U Mini PC review) comes with Intel Core i5-7200U, which is a high performance dual-core 64bit chipset which is known for a maximum speed up to 3.10GHz, with Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU, the quality configuration provides you with ultra-fast running speed and professional graphic processing ability.  Check Price and More.

NO. 2
GETWORTH T5 Computer Tower

GETWORTH T5 (check: GETWORTH T5 Computer Tower review) is an extremely small mini PC but underneath its subtle looks is an i5 chipset, Quad Core CPU with 3.4GHz. This model is equipped with better performance, delivering plenty of power for multitasking. Check Price and More.

NO. 3
HP Pavilion 510

Behind the modest looks of HP Pavilion 510 lives a powerhouse packing standard voltage Intel Core i3-6100T Dual Core Processor (3M Cache, 3.2GHz) 35W, featuring 8GB DDR4 2133MHz, 1TB storage and SATA Hard Disk Drive.  HP ensures you’re productive right out of box. 

It is worth mentioning that ACEPC AK1 Mini PC is now offered at a very attractive price now, thanks to a special discount from the standard price. This model provides sufficient computing power for a variety of operations, and its small energy consumption are relatively very low. 

“ACEPC AK1 is a mini-PC that lets users add features just by snapping external modules onto the main box. No more unscrewing the chassis just to add a component. The prices of ACEPC AK1 run from $219 to $499 now. But now you can enjoy a price under $200. This is a limited offer to thank the support our global customers,” a spokesman for ACEPC said. 

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ACEPC specializes in manufacturing and developing popular consumer electronics for global users. This brand is well-known for stable premium quality at affordable prices. ACEPC products bring full PC capability to small spaces, offering wireless connections, faster meeting starts, and power to drive multiple displays and digital signage.

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