Best Audio-visual Experience Created by Airwheel Smart Bluetooth Helmet C5 with APP

If some are tired of the traditional helmet, they should try Airwheel smart helmet C5. It can provide the most comfortable wearing experience, as well as fresh audio-visual experience, which adds more fun to riding.

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What’s the impression that traditional helmets leave to people? Maybe plastics that can protect one’s head in accidents. Some people even consider helmets as burden, which may cause stuffiness in hot weather. But wearing a helmet is a requisite for riders. How to change the traditional gadget into a more appealing one? Airwheel then released its intelligent helmet to tackle this issue.

intelligent helmet

To enhance the wearing comfortability, C5 has been designed with an efficient ventilation system. The top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole increase the ventilation area and improve air flow. C5 has a light weight. Thus it will not cause burden to head and necks. To be fit for different head size, the smart helmet has adopted an adjustable head girth.

Does it sound weird that a helmet can create best audio-visual experience? But this is the magic of intelligent technologies. Airwheel intelligent C5 smart bike helmets has been embedded with many intelligent components to activate the intelligent features. The audio functions is realized by the Bluetooth connection, the headset and speaker. The integrated windbreak and denoiser microphone is able to filter external environment noise. When C5 helmet heads up display is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, users can have a clear call. The quality Bluetooth speaker is able to play music during riding. But C5 ensures that its users can enjoy music while hear the external sound to cope with emergency. The visual function of C5 is far more useful. It is embedded with a motion camera. Riders or sports fans can record road conditions or scenery on the trip. The camera frees people’s hands of taking pictures or record videos. The camera lens has high resolution and can present exquisite shooting performance.

The comfortable wearing experience plus the audio-visual functions distinguish the helmet camera C5 from traditional ones. The riding pal will deliver more fun in the trip. The recreational functions that the smart gadget can provide turns the routine journey into an audio-visual feast. It is time to enjoy the fruits of technological development.

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