Bert Seale… Unveiling a dynamic golf coach

As a forward thinker and pragmatic solution provider, Bert’s golfing and business interests span various nations of the world. His current passion is to teach others how to become champion golfers. The dynamics of a pragmatic training program and the real-time solutions for golfers; all throw up different vibes that resonate with our 21st Century lifestyle and realities. At the heart of these developments lies a dynamic golf coach named Bert Seale. This award-winning coach has helped various individuals to play low scores and to improve their game. He currently runs various programs that help people to find out their strengths and areas that they will like to improve. Also, he has a website that is targeted to take people through the ropes in a virtual/online training program.

Baseball is synonymous with Babe Ruth, Computers and you think Bill Gates, Basketball and you think Michael Jordan and so much more. It would be incomplete to talk about the World of Golfing without making mention of Bert Seale. Professionally, he has carved a niche for himself that has earned him the respect and accolades in his field. Interestingly, it had not always been this way for him as he honestly shares his story of his rise in the business which he started over 3 decades back. He has learned the ropes and is a master in his game; so he is eager to pass the torch to the next generation of golfers.

He is the President of two businesses that help golfers to raise their game. He also founded other top line organizations that have created programs that are impactful and enjoy rave reviews. Notable among his projects strewn with many others is the system he developed which allows fresh golfers boost their score and access his top line training facility.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Seale Golf School
Contact Person: Bert Seale
Phone: 954-643-7374
Country: United States