Benzeneruthenium(II) Chloride Dimer CAS NO. 37366-09-9

Short Description:

Product Name:Benzeneruthenium(II) chloride dimer

CAS NO.:37366-09-9

Similar Name(Other name):Ru(Benzene)2Cl2

Related Categories:catalyst, precious metal catalyst, Ru catalyst

Product Information

Product Information
Name Benzeneruthenium(II) chloride dimer
CAS NO. 37366-09-9
Molecular Formula C12H12Cl4Ru2 Molecular Weight 500.18
MDL No. MFCD00064686 EINECS 435-530-5
M.P. 250℃ B.P. N.A.
Density N.A. Refractive Index N.A.



Storage condition

Keep in dark place,Sealed in dry,Room Temperature

Appearance organge powder
Purity 99%
Application Catalyst for the reaction of fluorinated aromatic hydrocarbons with cyclic amines SNAr; precatalyst for the hydrogenation of β-ketoesters; used as a precursor for the preparation of other ruthenium catalysts

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