Bentum Trade Company in a strategic partnership with medical providers to affordable and quality medical instruments and laboratory tools!

January 17th, 2018 – A company that owns Globe Lab Medical announces that it is forming strategic partnership with medical facilities all over the world to help in the provision of affordable and quality medical equipment and consumables. The company says it is committed in ensuring that medical providers offer quality care and treatment to their clients adding that with the partnership, the facilities will acquire world class equipments.

Globe Lab Medical offers quality used and refurbished medical equipment. The line offers a wide range of products with stocks available for immediate shipment. While listing the medical equipments and consumables that are available at  Globe Lab Medical, the company representative said that the wide range of instruments include chemistry, coagulation, hematology, histology, analytical, blood gas, microscopes, centrifuges, as well as other laboratory tools. The representative adds that they have been providing medical facilities with high quality used medical and laboratory equipment with customers drawn from different parts of the world.

Medical providers who have benefited from the high quality used and refurbished products say they have been able to improve their services. One provider said that with the equipment, they have been able to provide services at a reduced cost. He added that buying new equipment is beyond reach for most of the providers but with the products from the Globe Lab Medical, they are now providing tests and other services at an affordable cost, something which he said has led to lowering of health related costs.  Medical providers have also cited reliability as one of the greatest strength adding that Globe Lab Medical ships the equipment within a short period of time something that has enabled them to avoid crisis when some of the machines break down.” I ordered a hematology machine and received it in a record time, this was a period when ours broke down and could not be repaired, we did not lose customers as the machine got here on time,” said a medical provider while showering praise to Globe Lab Medical for saving the day when their machine malfunctioned.

The company representative urged other medical facilities which may be in need of equipment or consumables to liaise with them and get to benefit from the strategic partnership.

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