Benefits of CPAP machines in the treatment of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition, basically, a medical condition which affects a large population of individuals in the entire globe. If an individual does not seek proper medical attention, it may cause complications such as mood swings, poor daytime function, the risk of stroke, heart attack, and drowsiness. A large number of individuals suffering from sleep apnea do not recognize it. 

Sleep apnea patients regularly wake up in the entire night due to the absence or less supply of oxygen. This patients restore their breathing to normal when they wake up in the morning. It has been proven that sleep apnea patients can stop breathing a number of times throughout the night. 

There are two distinct types of sleep Apnea – Central sleep apnea and Obstructive sleep apnea. Central sleep apnea can be caused when the brain does not transmit signals in order the body can breathe. Obstructive sleep apnea is due to obstructions and blockage if the airway. Below are causes of sleep apnea:

– Relaxed Throat Muscle

Certain alcohol substances, medication, and illness can lead to throat muscle relaxation. This will, therefore, cause restriction of the air passage. Prescribed medication to cure insomnia, pain, and allergies can cause throat muscle relaxation. Alcohol consumption will interfere with the brain, especially the part which regulates breathing. The brain stem is an illness which can lead to sleep apnea

– Nasal Obstruction

A deviated septum, sinus infection, and fractured nose are a few types of nasal obstructions which contribute to sleep apnea. Nasal obstructions limit the amount of oxygen flow the body receives. 

– Obesity

Fat deposits, especially in the neck will lead to thickening of the windpipe wall. In addition, these fatty deposits will eventually narrow the tissues of the airway. Weight is such a contributing factor of sleep apnea but it doesn’t mean only obese individuals are prone to this medical issue. 

– Acid Reflux

It is not advisable to take heavy meals for a few hours before going to bed. In addition, avoid caffeine intake and spicy foods. Acid reflux can cause sleeping difficulties throughout the night. This is because it leads to a pressure change in the entire airway. The vocal cords will, therefore, start to contract the muscles thus affecting the amount of oxygen that enters the airway. 

– Physical Features

Some individuals will experience this medical condition because of their body physical attributes. Enlarged tonsil can lead an individual to breathing difficulties. 

Benefits of CPAP in Treating Sleep Apnea

CPAP machines are the most convenient treatment that many doctors prescribe to individuals suffering from sleep apnea. CPAP machines blow air via the obstructed air passage with an objective of clearing the blockage. CPAP machines are of different types thus you can make the right choice according to your needs. 

These machines are well equipped to sense the amount of pressure required to clear an obstruction from the airway by supervising the breathing pattern of the patient. CPAP machines have a reduced as well as a controlled pressure making them more suitable for Sleep Apnea patients. 

In conclusion, sleep apnea can be considered to have several treatments but CPAP treatment is the best treatment. 

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