Bella Opulence presents 100% Natural Floral Infused Bath and Body on a Mission to Spread Clean Beauty, Health, and Wellness for ALL

Bella Opulence is a Floral Infused Bath and Body Brand created with organic floral herbs and 100% USDA Certified Organic Raw Unrefined Cold Pressed coconut oil known to benefit the skin without adverse effects. The brand is committed to carefully formulating products with healthy effective ingredients which nourish the skin from deep within without harming the body. The brand is completely free from any harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Bella Opulence’s Floral Infusions: floral herbs and oils are gently blended, and stored for an average of 1,033 hours until nutrients are fully extracted. The result? A luxurious nutrient rich oil that nourishes and promotes healthy skin.  It is the base of the entire product line. Bella Opulence chooses flowers like powerhouse antioxidant Lavender and vitamin rich Vanilla Bean to infuse so the skin is nourished.

The founder Allison Cowan has recently launched a fundraising campaign for the one-year-old brand with a goal to raise $1,000,000 which will be used to spread awareness of clean beauty, health and wellness worldwide. She launched the campaign after learning daunting statistics. She understood that despite the movement toward natural, 75% of people are still using toxic products and what goes onto the skin goes directly into the bloodstream. If those ingredients are toxic, they can weaken the immune system, cause illness, disease and even cancer. She wants to end this and spread the benefits of clean living in everyday life one small step at a time, starting with skin and personal care.

Perks allow the backers to receive several clean products and be some of the first to experience the power of floral infusions. Products by Bella Opulence include: Pearl Softening Skin Polisher a vegan sea salt and infused oil blend that reveals soft and glowing skin and Silk All Over Body Moisturizer which nourishes skin promoting a  glow from within with skin loving ingredients of infused oil, shea butter, and Vitamin E. Bella Opulence also offers a Petal Nourishing Lip Satin and Cream Milk Bath Soak.

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