Belinda Jewelz Partnering with Oxfam – Giving Back to Humanity by Poverty Alleviation

Charity has always been an agenda for businesses – they would like to share the profit they make to help the less fortunate and the needy. Many do it on their own by creating their own philanthropy branches. Others partner with established charity bodies and show their benevolent side. Belinda Jewelz is an online jewelry store that believes in giving back to the humanity and fulfilling their social responsibility, they have partnered with Oxfam.

Belinda Jewelz believes as a company to make a positive change to the society. And they chose to partner with Oxfam as the organization is not only world famous, and solidly established as one of the leading international charitable organization but also the way this charity body operates its charity endeavors. Belinda Jewelz, is very much enamored by Oxfam’s innovative, well coordinated and practical ways to pull people out of impoverished circumstances. They don’t only render relief aid and help cover immediate needs of people and saving lives, they give new lease on life by providing means to rebuild livelihoods when crises strike – Oxfam makes a point that people don’t only survive but thrive.

As a company operating online, Belinda Jewelz wants charity to be a part of their operations. With this partnership of theirs with Oxfam, in line with the international charity organization’s goals, Belinda Jewelz pins high hopes that their part of contribution via Oxfam will help end the scourge of poverty besetting humanity. Towards a better future for everyone, saving lives stuck in disasters and creating lasting and impactful solutions for poverty, exploitation and related social injustices, Belinda Jewelz hopes to play its part by partnering with the reputed charity organization Oxfam is.

Belinda Jewelz is the only e-commerce company that has 4 working days for its staff. This move is to give the staff adequate rest that comes back as increased productivity and the coming up with more creative ideas – it is mutually beneficial.

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