Belinda Ginns Univiels ‘Real English’: A Gateway to Authentic Conversational English For Chinese Speakers

Belinda Ginns Univiels ‘Real English’: A Gateway to Authentic Conversational English For Chinese Speakers

30 April, 2024, UK – Belinda Ginns, an esteemed linguist and educator, has announced the release of her latest book, ‘Real English’, in collaboration with AMZ Marketing Hub tailored specifically for Chinese speakers who are eager to master conversational English. This innovative study guide is designed to bridge the gap between textbook English and the vibrant, colloquial language used by native speakers in everyday life.

‘Real English’ stands out by offering a plethora of everyday slang, idiomatic expressions, and colloquialisms that are essential for seamless communication and integration into local communities in the UK. The book is particularly beneficial for Hong Kong Chinese learners adapting to life in English-speaking regions.

What sets ‘Real English’ apart is its dynamic approach to learning. The book features scenario-based dialogues in both English and Cantonese/Mandarin, providing learners with practical and engaging examples of how to use these expressions effectively. This method ensures that learners can grasp the nuances of the language easily and apply them confidently in real-life situations.

Furthermore, ‘Real English’ explores the intricacies of language by offering detailed explanations of words and phrases in their appropriate tone and context. This comprehensive guide empowers learners to not only understand but also to use English as it is spoken by natives. Being a fluent English speaker means being able to connect with the locals. With ‘Real English,’ it’s just easier. The book not only entails everyday jargons, but is also interesting to read, regardless the level a reader might be on.

Belinda’s ‘Real English’ is more than just an English learning book; it is a companion for all Chinese speakers who wish to navigate the world of English with ease and authenticity. Grasping a second language might be tough, but this wonderful curation makes it a lot easier, simpler and more understandable. The book is now available for purchase on Kindle.

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Belinda Ginns is a renowned linguist with a passion for making language learning accessible and enjoyable. With years of experience in teaching and research, she has dedicated her career to developing innovative educational resources that cater to the needs of learners worldwide. She has more than 20 years of experience as an English Lecturer in Hong Kong. She has taught in different corporations, schools, vocational training centres, and tertiary educational institutions in Hong Kong, including The City University and The University of Science and Technology.

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