Being Awarded a Canadian Government Small Business Grant is Possible

Granted Consulting of Canada has been assisting small business grant seekers successfully for quite some time now.  Each year the Canadian Government disperses over 26 billion dollars in grants and tax credits to eligible businesses.  However, the problem is that the bigger money grants can go to mid-sized or larger businesses, with an average grant of only 3,000 CAD awarded to smaller businesses.  This stems from the fact it seems, that smaller businesses are seen as not being as technically advanced as larger businesses, and many grants are technology based or based upon innovation. 

While the Canadian Government actively promotes grant funding, larger businesses have the edge.

It’s not surprising that a larger business would be more savvy or knowledgeable about how to find a grant and apply for it.  Businesses that have only one or two employees really don’t have the personnel to constantly search for and apply for grants, and don’t appear as needful of the grants to the Canadian government.  While the small businesses may need more grants, they are many times not equipped to apply for these and when they do are sadly overlooked.  The funding that small businesses usually are awarded is nowhere near what larger companies receive and therefore the small business owner may not necessarily find it worthwhile to pursue grants and tax credits. Larger businesses can have individuals that are used solely for grant seeking, and the staff is more broad. 

A good grant consulting firm is needed in most cases for small business owners. 

With the limited staff and resources that a small business owner may have, the calls for proposals and funding initiatives that are posted by the Canadian Government can very well go unnoticed.  Valuable opportunities are lost simply because a small company is not aware of what funding is available.  A good grant consulting firm such as Granted Consulting, will immediately help close this gap in opportunity by using the very latest methods of finding and applying for grants and funding.  Most businesses do not realize that there are specific times of year also when certain grants and funding are more available.  Grants and funding come chiefly from tax dollars and any funds that are needed are more readily available during different times in the fiscal year. 

It takes a team approach to secure business grant funding in Canada.

Any size business in Canada is eligible for a grant. But knowledge is necessary as well as complete dedication.  Businesses seeking grants, especially smaller businesses would do well to consult with a firm such as Granted Consulting to proceed with procuring funding.  Staff experience counts, and most small businesses do not have the staff with the knowledge or time to successfully pursue the funding needed.  Finding assistance with this much needed task can help a Canadian business grow exponentially.  Businesses should seek the funding they need to expand as soon as they possibly can and contacting grant experts is a step in the right direction

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