Before, During and After I Do Relationship Conference, A Phenomenal Success

More Events and Workshops from Come Up Higher Ministries Will Be Announced Soon

The Before, During, and After I Do Relationship Conference was a huge success. A cast of Christian super-stars shared out life experiences and helped provide a context for the role of relationship building in all avenues of life. They discussed the role of God as a foundation for all relationships. They explained the power of establishing clear and determined goals for relationships at their beginning to ensure all parties have a clear understanding of their path together. And they highlighted the importance of focusing on pleasing God, not others, at the primary goal in all relationships.

Reverend Robin Smiley explains how the success of this event was just another step on her ministries’ path to support and inspire people to build healthy relationships in the community. Rev. Smiley stated that “it was incredible to see the great turnout we had at this conference. The overall positive message reflects our mission to help others use God to make their lives and their relationships successful. We have many workshops and more events coming soon.”

The event began at 9:00 AM on Saturday, April 21, 2018, at the Greenbelt Marriott in Greenbelt, Maryland and ran until 4:00 PM. Led by Rev. Robin Smiley and Shaun Bailey, the event hosted Willie & Patricia Moore, Jr as brilliant keynote speakers who shared stories from their relationship. Dr. Rita Bailey-Roland provided her own, faith-based insights alongside Pastors Todd & Ingrid Pickett. Connie Gilmore (Founder of Premature Widow), Psalmist Larry Vaughn also shared stories and advice. DJ Tommy Stylez provided insight and music as well.

“It was amazing to see how captivated the audience was through the stories and guidance. We are excited to continue the success of Before, During, and After I Do next year. So be ready for it in 2019. It’s going to be great,” says Shaun Bailey, “There’s so much work to do to help others make sure their relationships help them grow with God. I’m glad to lead the Real Women of the DMV alongside Rev. Smiley to help make that happen.”

Come Up Ministries’ the Real Women of the DMV is a combined effort from Rev. Robin Smiley and Shaun Bailey. They help people from all walks of life share and learn through real stories and real people. They provide solutions to relationship difficulties that lead to a stronger connection to other people but most importantly to God.

In the spirit of leadership, this dynamic team will offer more conferences and workshops that will focus on helping people build strong, lasting relationships with Christ at the center. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events from Come Up Ministries on their website: Real Women of the DMV.

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