Beep UAE; Introducing a Seamless Platform to sell cars in Dubai

Are you looking forward to selling your car in Dubai in the shortest possible time?  Look no further as we are pleased to announce our service of buying cars. We at Beep UAE discovered that there are several difficulties when trying to sell your car. Most times, there is much delay and then the values of the cars constantly drop and reduce during the period of wait. This can be a source of headache and worry especially when the cash is needed for urgent purposes. This is where Beep UAE comes in.

About Beep UAE

Beep UAE is a car buyer in Dubai. We generally believe that the process of car selling should not induce stress whatsoever. It should be as fast as should be. We strongly believe in working together with you. As this would reduce the whole trouble associated with selling cars. Our priority is to provide services which are at par with the rest of the world. Selling your car in Dubai  with us saves you from any further tensions.

We remain true to our word; sell your car in 30 minutes. We take the cost of everything, up to evaluating your car online to inspecting it at your desired location. We give our clients competitive value for their cars.

How UAE works

We buy cars in record time, 30 minutes. The process is a seamless one; it is fast, fair and without trouble. The process is broken down into these simple steps.

Click on our website here. After clicking, fill the required information in the query box. Your car will then be evaluated for free, this because we would not want you to incur any expenses while trying to sell the car. After the evaluation, if you are happy with it, then you can book an appointment for inspection. You book the appointment at your convenience, whenever you fix we are ready.

Then, during the inspection, you bring along the documents relating to the car. i.e. registration card, loan balance keys and any other form of identification. Once you visit with these documents, you car will be properly inspected.

Lastly, we will give you a selling price based on the price of what the prospective buyers have suggested. Once you agree, we buy the car on the spot. We pay in cash. And that’s all.

Transaction done, sealed. 100% free, 100% fair and instant payment. No hidden charges. We buy any make and any model, at market fair price. It is safe and instant.

Our services cannot be compared with other websites. And as our manner is, we don’t just send a mail of guidebook with used cars; rather we do the customized evaluations for our customers. We simply evaluate cars for free by taking information about the car.

NB: Our online evaluation is just a rough estimate of your car; the value of the car might change after our on-site inspection of the car.



We have had several reviews; this is what Mr. James says “Fast process and instant paying”. Mr. Donald also has this to say “Though they say it takes 30 minutes to sell your car, for me it took just 15 minutes. I am impressed.”

We also buy cars that may have any problem; hear Mr. Al Dhuhori; “My car was having a few problems and I wanted to replace it with a new one. My friend told me about this one and safe to say, my problems was solved”.

Contact Information


Hotline: +971 04203429 (10 am to 7:30 pm)

Book an appointment through the number and email above before visiting us today.

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Company Name: Beep UAE
Contact Person: Faisal Munir (CTO, Beep UAE)
Phone: +971 044203429
Country: United Arab Emirates