Become a ‘Socially Responsible Individual’ with Srinergy

Solar energy has never been more needed than this century. With the attention that CO2 emissions have gotten over the last decade, going solar is one important step in cutting those emissions and saving energy all at the same time. This is where companies like Srinergy come in. Customized to work on large-scale productions, Srinergy covers commercial business buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial parks, government offices, places of worship, senior care centers, etc. With Srinergy his business can step into the 21st century in style and not only save hundreds of dollars on utility costs, but also help save the planet.

As socially responsible citizens of the globe, it’s the duty of each of them to see that everyone has access to clothing, food, shelter and education. Srinergy is taking the first steps to help consumers like them become socially responsible global citizens. When he purchases a solar power package from Srinergy, whether it’s for his home or office, he helps his entire community, the electrical grid as a whole and even families thousands of miles away in India.

The team at Srinergy takes social responsibility to the next level as they push for energy independence for everyone. Whether it’s in Michigan, where their headquarters are, or the United States or even as far away as India, Srinergy is helping children, women, and whole families become that much more self-sufficient by providing solar power to homes across the country and the world.

One Lantern at a Time Lights Up India

Through the “One Lantern at a Time” project, Srinergy is helping one family at a time in India by providing solar powered lanterns that allow children to read and women to have advantages that might not have been available during the nighttime hours.

Srinergy likes to go big. To date, their energy installations have saved enough energy to equal the planting of 1140 acres of trees, saving 99, 337, 666 gallons of water, avoiding 13, 203 metric tons of carbon dioxide and powering 625,680 homes for 24 hours. Imagine not needing to turn his electrical meter on, or better yet, getting the electric company to pay him every month. Wouldn’t it be nice to have them cut him a check for a change?

With Srinergy he can also take his first steps to both energy independence and social responsibility with a complete solar package for home or office. Give them a call today and see just how much they can help him save.

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